Monday, December 29, 2008

For better mood

Went to One U, the Curve and Ikano. Watched Ip Man. Haha I first pronounced it as 'i p man' when my friend told me. Thye laughed at me for the wrong pronounciation, but thx to him for correcting me. =P

I like the poker design on the floor. Hmm but what does it relate to chirstmas I wonder.
Poker design at One U


Casley @ One U

Hmm quite dissapointing that cant managed to watch bedtime stories and at the same time I missed the chance to take photos with the chirstmas décor at the Curve. I think the chirstmas décor in the Curve is the most lovely of all. Gee I should have come earlier. And now, they're preparing for the new year. So down.

Went Ikano for those photos taken below.
Ching + snowman

Hugging the lamp post XD

Casley with santa deer

It should be a very tough day. But thanks a lot, with the accompany, I feel a lot better. Thx to Ah Ming. =)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Chirstmas..Hohoho..

Went to Sg.Wang around 9 something. It was crowded and there were so many people playing snow sprays everywhere. I was not really dare to walk near to the crowd. I don't really want to get dirt on my clothes, bag as well as my hair!!! But it's totally inevitable. And that's how we youth celebrate chirstmas, don't we? =P
Totally demented

Haha no a single place that's 'safe'. Got sprayed everywhere. Pity me. Somehow it's fun.
Soapy hands

We walked here and there before the countdown. Went to pavillion. Saw a bunch of guys that really caught my eyes. Guess what. They're wearing high heels. High heels man!! It's an advertisement of Kiwi. I think it's something about the foot aid like high heel cushions. Maybe some guys(or even gals) will laugh at them and say they're very lame. I don't think so seriously. They dare to try. The most important is they will realise that it's not easy for female to wear high heels and also they put their prides aside. They impressed me (as for some guys, they care too much about their prides which I really detest about that). Creative advertisement of Kiwi I must say. *applaud*


After the countdown, we went to Jalan Alor for some drinks. Hmm saw lots of spray cans on the street midway. Countless. Pity the cleaners, busy sweeping those residues.
No exaggeration. This is just a small portion of all. 
Perhaps 1% or even lesser than that.

Aiks, I didn't manage to snap photos by using my mobile. Don't really know what's wrong with it. Will only post this when I get those photos. Gah I'm still waiting my hair to dry. =P

So photos are all taken using Kanni's mobile.
Gah..They don't even let go of us while taking photo..

Kanni and I

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant, Avenue K

Abalone dinner with family at Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant, Avenue K.

Devouring? Wait and see...

The car park at Avenue K is terrible. There are very few parking lots and plenty of corners and posts (ideal place which perpetrators can hide behind it and attack other from the back). I just feel the difference between this and other shopping malls' car park.

Here come the food part, my family and I were so disspapointed with the foods. Put it shortly, they taste bad. Rather go Tai Thong, cheaper and tastier. Haha my sis even suggested to drop by McD at the way back home. For boon and I, we don't really eat to satiety, our hunger were satisfied mainly 'cause of the chinese tea. Lol.

Looks okay, but the taste..sigh..

Gah.. Chicken claw!! (No choice, included in the dinner set.) ><

Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant has actually long echoed its name in the food industry. That's why we're so upset about it. We thought to splurge and pamper ourselves with some good foods. Sigh. Who knows...... Perhaps we should try the dim sum. Anyway, thx to my sis for the dinner.=)

Here's my dad complaining about the foods.

Complaining.. XD

Me and Boon

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Relish @ SkyBar

I've always wanted to go SkyBar long time ago. It is popular in KL for its pool side setting and its location which provides a great view for the Petronas Twin Towers as well as the KL Tower.


Splendid, isn't it?

Magnificient KL night view

And this time, I went there after their renovation which underwent for 2 months till Nov. Now it has a retractable shelter which avoid from rainy day (as there is no window at our seats there, it's open-air with just waist level of walls. And yeah we can straightaway jump down from 33rd floor and get killed. =P). Besides that, it also has a better air ventilation (somehow I was still a wee sweating. Note: there are just fans. No air-con).

I went there with a bunch of friends. Chilled ourselves with cool drinks and intoxicating views. Well, I'm not that good in drinking. I just kept getting myself with the snacks. Somehow, the snacks made me felt even thirsty. Smart them, techniques for making customers thirsty with snacks and will then order for more drinks.

Cool bar

I must admit that the design is cool. A swimming pool is featured in the middle of SkyBar which makes it a real distinction compare to other bars. The breathtaking view from SkyBar is without a doubt one of the best in Kuala Lumpur. We had a really great day. But a dancing pool can makes the day(night) even better. As there's no dance pool, Mohkeong, Ceejay and I which enjoy dancing have to just shake shake ourselves at our seats. =(

Beware not to fall into the pool as the walking path is
really narrow as you can see from the picture above.

SkyBar, I would definitely go there again and it's recommended. Note, go there during night time is better with the surrounding area are all lighted up, making the view from the bar is absolutely stunning. And as you can see from the first three pictures, the environment is really nice and soothing.

Glorious night

Black for all

Friday, December 19, 2008

Dinner @ Feeling

Dinner at Feeling cafe with Shiang and Yoketheng. I was not in the mood for the day actually. Thanks to both of them. You guys made my day. Had a very great time.

The foods there are quite nice. I did enjoyed my black pepper chicken chop (perhaps I'm too hungry at that moment). Not forget to mention this, I love the drink. Haha 'cause I love the top part of it~ whipped cream! Yummy~

Yoketheng brought her laptop along. We talked 'bout our blogs as we're just started to blogging not long ago. While Shiang do not even have a blog, not to mention facebook! We try to persuade him to sign up for a blog. He made a joke to name the blog as Fuck 'n Lick. Sorry for being rude. We're just talking craps all the while. =P However Shiang did not sign up eventually.

Since Shiang did not have his own facebook account, he had to view his photos through other's profile. He commented a lot when he saw his photos in Ooi's album. Look at his reaction for his own photo. LOL!

These are the photos taken by using Shiang's mobile.

With Shiang

Casley + Charmaine

Monday, December 15, 2008


Went to the Gardens, Mid Valley for karaoke together with Keehui, Grace and Pingee. Ahem, I must have to say this. Grace forgot our meeting! Sad~ However luckily, we managed to wake her up. We headed to Mid Valley together after a half-an-hour-waiting.

We took the package which includes the lunch set. Unfortunately, Keehui did not really enjoy her udon so we shared our fish n chips, seafood fried rice, and another one I've forgotten.
Keehui and I
Fortunately, Pingee brought her digicam as my camera phone did not really works well in the dark room. We sang in a very proper manner in the beginning. However, after a few songs later we were too excited that we sang and danced on the sofa.
(L-R) Pingee, Keehui and Grace
We spent around 20 minutes cam-whoring before being asked to check out from the room. How embarassing. LOL. But who cares? Here are some photos that we took.

♥ Keep posing, Keep keep posing ♥

We went for a walk and have some photos taken before chit chat in McD. We were just simply chatterbox that can't stop chatting. We know we won't be able to meet each other until the holiday next year. Sad~

~Look tired~

Photo shooting session starts again after a couple of hours spent in McD. I never thought they like to take photos that much. By the way,the Xmas decorations in the centre court is lovely indeed.

♥ Friendship Forever ♥

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Visit to KL Bird Park

Some must have been wondering, bird park? Why bird park? Everything started with my aunt's suggestion. Since I never been there before, why don't give it a try? And I did enjoyed my day very much together with my aunt and cousin.

The entrance fee to the park is RM15 for Malaysian and RM39 for those without MyKad. Visitors are given a wristlet and a piece of map. Now, I'm going to complain about this lousy map and the direction sign boards in the park. I'm very sure that I'm not the only one that complain for this. Grr.. Visitors will just get confused to read the map.

I found some of the foreigners tend to love in disturbing those feathered creatures. Like what I've seen, they shout 'boo' or something else, trying to frighten the birds. Here comes the worse, I saw quite many attempted to pluck off the peacock's feather. Luckily my aunt warned them in time and they walked away shamefacedly.
There were many cages, and there were some open areas as well where, in addition to the birds, local monkeys ran around. Well, I was really surprised to see so many monkeys that are going around the park. But I was more in worry that they will hunt for the birds.

We stopped by at a rest area midway. We bought ourselves an ice-cream for cooling effect as it was a very sunny day. I found a bird quite interesting. It stood with only one leg for more than half an hour as we rested for that long. And here I am, mimicked the bird. Gee I can only hold for a while. XD
There is also an amphitheatre in Zone 4. We managed to catch the daily bird show at 1530. It was a mediocre performance. Yet, there was a climax of all (as for me =P). I've volunteered to feed the eagle. It was a new experience for me. I was given a woodstick which had a piece of meat placed in the end of it. And, I stood there waiting for the eagle (sweat). Ahah, I was a little nervous during the time seeing the eagle was flying towards my direction to hunt for the meat which I was holding. In a few seconds.. chup.. the eagle snacthed the meat and flew away. Too bad, my aunt can't managed to shoot a video of the process in time. Anyhow, we did enjoyed our day. Below is the photo of the eagle AFTER the feeding.There are more photos for your enjoyment in facebook. =)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Heaven Smiles on Us

I first received a text from friends.
They asked me to look upon the sky, the moon is smiling.
I thought they are kidding so I was kinda ignored the message.
(Sorry, I thought it was some kind of forwarded message).
Until, my aunt called me and told me the same thing.
I went out and look for it (look for the truth actually).

Found them set over to the southeast and slightly low in horizon.
Before that, I expected it to be only moon.
What i mean is there's just the moon and nothing else.
I witnessed the two brightest stars in the night sky.
They are the Venus and Jupiter( I discovered this later).
The smiley comprised by these two stars which looked like the eyes and the moon which made up the smile.

These three celestial objects come together time to time(read from newspaper), but they are less visible as they are too close to the sun and unite at a time.
Well, for those who missed out this, please wait until 18 Nov 2052 for the time these three will be as close as this time again.
Fortunately, I did not miss out this rare conjunction of planets. =)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Here I am..blogging finally..

Well, I've been thinking a lot whether should I update myself with a blog since years ago.
This thought appears in my mind even more frequently lately.
Many of my friends have their very own blogs.
Very lovely and impressive indeed.
Made me feel so bad that I know nothing about blogging.

Undeniable, blogging has become a trend for all ages.
Yeah when I said so, I do feel that I am outdate, totally outdated.
BUT at least, at least I have a blog now (self consolation).

I have registered this account for months actually.
However, I've been very busy for my study during that time and also, no idea what to write about.
Only until now, I have my own sweet time to get busy with this blog.
It's holiday now. So great.
Can stay up late and wake up without the disturbance of my annoying alarm.

Okay back to the topic, I don't really have much clues on how to blogging actually.
So I just simply type whatever that cross my mind.
And please, do inform me if there's any grammar mistake.
Improving my english language is one of the reason that i start to blogging.