Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Here I am..blogging finally..

Well, I've been thinking a lot whether should I update myself with a blog since years ago.
This thought appears in my mind even more frequently lately.
Many of my friends have their very own blogs.
Very lovely and impressive indeed.
Made me feel so bad that I know nothing about blogging.

Undeniable, blogging has become a trend for all ages.
Yeah when I said so, I do feel that I am outdate, totally outdated.
BUT at least, at least I have a blog now (self consolation).

I have registered this account for months actually.
However, I've been very busy for my study during that time and also, no idea what to write about.
Only until now, I have my own sweet time to get busy with this blog.
It's holiday now. So great.
Can stay up late and wake up without the disturbance of my annoying alarm.

Okay back to the topic, I don't really have much clues on how to blogging actually.
So I just simply type whatever that cross my mind.
And please, do inform me if there's any grammar mistake.
Improving my english language is one of the reason that i start to blogging.