Monday, December 29, 2008

For better mood

Went to One U, the Curve and Ikano. Watched Ip Man. Haha I first pronounced it as 'i p man' when my friend told me. Thye laughed at me for the wrong pronounciation, but thx to him for correcting me. =P

I like the poker design on the floor. Hmm but what does it relate to chirstmas I wonder.
Poker design at One U


Casley @ One U

Hmm quite dissapointing that cant managed to watch bedtime stories and at the same time I missed the chance to take photos with the chirstmas décor at the Curve. I think the chirstmas décor in the Curve is the most lovely of all. Gee I should have come earlier. And now, they're preparing for the new year. So down.

Went Ikano for those photos taken below.
Ching + snowman

Hugging the lamp post XD

Casley with santa deer

It should be a very tough day. But thanks a lot, with the accompany, I feel a lot better. Thx to Ah Ming. =)


L1nG L1nG said...


I discovered something again..

Casley said...

Ling, what've u discovered? hmm..

L1nG L1nG said...

Sorry, I am such a carper!!! May I apologise if my words offended you or hurt your feeling =(

Actually you omitted something in your forth picture. Your big name is supposed to be colourful and accompanied by two loves, but you forgot to do so =P

I hope you dont mind again ^^ No offense!!!

Casley said...

LOL!!! lingling, actually it really shud be colourful and accompanied by 2 loves..but i decided to make it all white..this is mainly because the name doesn't look visible (can hardly see it due to the background) when it's in colour..^^

haha of course i dun happy that u're interested in reading my's my pleasure, ling..=P

Casley said...

I do prefer someone to tel me if there's any i can make some improvements..better than one than keep it in heart.. =)

if there's no one that tell me 'bout that, then there's no improvement can be made..and i'll keep making the same mistake again and again..

im a blog newbie, learning from mistake n new things bout blog..welcome for any comments..^^

thx again to lingling..grateful to have u here..XD

L1nG L1nG said...

Sorry, I am being superfluous again and again =X

It is my pleasure to be here, wkaakkakak XD

Casley said...

Gah please don't say urself superfluous..
i really appreciate what u told me..=)

hwan said...

ling, u r a very very good observant! see, i found 1 more good thing in u again. ur good observation makes u superfluous. not u 1 2 b. it's a nature. n if i'm not mistaken, u must b a meticulous girl. u can deny but i know u r. haha!

Casley said...

haha ling is undeniably meticulous..however not superfluous for me..

its a good thing..keep an eye on my blog, then can advise me for any improvements..i need that..unlike u hwan, 'pijak' me only.. =P

L1nG L1nG said...

Hwan, this is the "n-th" time you said "I found one more good thing in you again" to me!!! ***Blushing*** Thanks for your compliment but I would like to say that you really over-expected me and I am not as good as what you think~~~ [you gonna scold me for denying AGAIN!!!]

The truth is I am being very sampat >__<

Ngek Ngek NGEK XD

Casley said...

Lingling, u're really good,thats y hwan said it countless times..

hahaha you cant deny..u're too good..ngek ngek ngek(learn from u)..LOL!!!

L1nG L1nG said...

Oh NO!!! NONONONONONO, I am not good at all =( It is true! You said that because you haven't discovered my hidden identity yet [Laughing evilly] Once you have discovered my hidden evil identity, you will know how bad am I (do u remember that I am very notorious???!!!)

Hahahahahaha, I copied Stephen Chow and you followed me, wakakakaa XD my pleasure

Casley said...

haha ling, i know ur hidden identity, even smarter..unlike the stupid me..not notorious lah, they just don't understand..

wah i duno stephen chow likes to ngek ngek ngek..seldom watch his films..haha i will follow u~~~