Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year (Good bye, 2008)

Went to Sunway intially. Planning to go there for countdown. Haha what actually hindered us from countdown there is mainly because you have to pay for it. RM 50, not much. But we don't want to waste it just for a countdown event. Okay, I admit, I'm stingy. So what? =P
But I must apologise to my friends (for wasting petrol? LOL). Cause I'm the one suggested to go there. I just read from the newspapers that there's a beach party/countdown event at Sunway and it sounds very fun. There's no such words that we have to pay. Grr.. Sorry guys. =(

Next destination, One U. Went for bowling since we still have plenty of time. Haha I just enjoyed the bowling this time. Mostly because I defeated Ah Ming(funny espression of him). LOL! I know I'm very sui (sorry ah ming.. though I know u're going to read this). *giggling still*

We watched Cape No.7 after bowling. Grr I still can't manage to watch bedtime stories. Upset. Well, here comes the worse part. We're suppose to watch the fireworks after the movie. Who the hell knows that the movie is utterly long. And eventually we missed the fireworks. HECK WE MISSED IT!!! Gah, no choice. We just diam diam sit there watch movie and listen to the cacophony of fireworks from the theatre inside.

Sorry no photos taken. They don't really enjoy taking photos like me. Sob~


hwan said...

y no ppl leave comment 1? only me? so unpopular 1 u. hahaha.

Casley said...

LOL..yalor so unpopular..pity me..
like u so good, leave comment here..
so not empty anymore..=P