Monday, December 1, 2008

Heaven Smiles on Us

I first received a text from friends.
They asked me to look upon the sky, the moon is smiling.
I thought they are kidding so I was kinda ignored the message.
(Sorry, I thought it was some kind of forwarded message).
Until, my aunt called me and told me the same thing.
I went out and look for it (look for the truth actually).

Found them set over to the southeast and slightly low in horizon.
Before that, I expected it to be only moon.
What i mean is there's just the moon and nothing else.
I witnessed the two brightest stars in the night sky.
They are the Venus and Jupiter( I discovered this later).
The smiley comprised by these two stars which looked like the eyes and the moon which made up the smile.

These three celestial objects come together time to time(read from newspaper), but they are less visible as they are too close to the sun and unite at a time.
Well, for those who missed out this, please wait until 18 Nov 2052 for the time these three will be as close as this time again.
Fortunately, I did not miss out this rare conjunction of planets. =)


hwan said...

haha. this is creative.

Casley said...

of course creative lah..haha nolah, i guess many ppl post this as well..

did u see this as well in nz?

hwan said...

see this in nz?? is it a rare phenomenon? i dont realise it.

many ppl post this? this as in the photos in their blog or this as in the comment tat it's creative?

Casley said...

gah u duno? wat u do in nz o? keep studying ar nerd?

Hmm duno whether got ppl post this or not..but this even reported in msia newspaper lor..

hwan said...

ceh, then i take back the words tat u r creative. haha.

Casley said...

gee u sengaja kena me geh..pity me..