Monday, December 15, 2008


Went to the Gardens, Mid Valley for karaoke together with Keehui, Grace and Pingee. Ahem, I must have to say this. Grace forgot our meeting! Sad~ However luckily, we managed to wake her up. We headed to Mid Valley together after a half-an-hour-waiting.

We took the package which includes the lunch set. Unfortunately, Keehui did not really enjoy her udon so we shared our fish n chips, seafood fried rice, and another one I've forgotten.
Keehui and I
Fortunately, Pingee brought her digicam as my camera phone did not really works well in the dark room. We sang in a very proper manner in the beginning. However, after a few songs later we were too excited that we sang and danced on the sofa.
(L-R) Pingee, Keehui and Grace
We spent around 20 minutes cam-whoring before being asked to check out from the room. How embarassing. LOL. But who cares? Here are some photos that we took.

♥ Keep posing, Keep keep posing ♥

We went for a walk and have some photos taken before chit chat in McD. We were just simply chatterbox that can't stop chatting. We know we won't be able to meet each other until the holiday next year. Sad~

~Look tired~

Photo shooting session starts again after a couple of hours spent in McD. I never thought they like to take photos that much. By the way,the Xmas decorations in the centre court is lovely indeed.

♥ Friendship Forever ♥


hwan said...

i dun really like K

hwan said...

hahaha... i just cant go through without leaving this comment. the girl with spec on the 6th photo, ur spec.... hahahaha. really remind me of my youngest sis when she 1st got her spec, both the look and the spec. sry. no offence at all.

Casley said...

Dun like? really fun ler..we should go sing k together one day..

Haha ah hwan, what u mean by cant go through? u cam ler..i should tel grace..i should say out what u told me in msn..LOL!!!

hwan said...

nola i didnt say anything. just tat BOTH of us cant stop laughing abt the pic. hahaha. hey grace, dun blame me. u should blame casley for selecting those photos where only she looks nice. she didnt think of others. hahaha... better dont take photo with her next time.

Casley said...

LOL!!! Hwan, u reli geng hor..blame that on me pula.. im so kesian u can see, i oso look bad lah k..we all look tired..

u juz remind me of that ur edited-photo..ngek ngek..u cam ler hwan..XD

hwan said...

i still have to say i look cool even in tat photo. haha.

Casley said...

no, u look very weird lor..even the background looks better, very creative..hahaha..i stil cant stop laughing on that pic..LOL..