Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Chirstmas..Hohoho..

Went to Sg.Wang around 9 something. It was crowded and there were so many people playing snow sprays everywhere. I was not really dare to walk near to the crowd. I don't really want to get dirt on my clothes, bag as well as my hair!!! But it's totally inevitable. And that's how we youth celebrate chirstmas, don't we? =P
Totally demented

Haha no a single place that's 'safe'. Got sprayed everywhere. Pity me. Somehow it's fun.
Soapy hands

We walked here and there before the countdown. Went to pavillion. Saw a bunch of guys that really caught my eyes. Guess what. They're wearing high heels. High heels man!! It's an advertisement of Kiwi. I think it's something about the foot aid like high heel cushions. Maybe some guys(or even gals) will laugh at them and say they're very lame. I don't think so seriously. They dare to try. The most important is they will realise that it's not easy for female to wear high heels and also they put their prides aside. They impressed me (as for some guys, they care too much about their prides which I really detest about that). Creative advertisement of Kiwi I must say. *applaud*


After the countdown, we went to Jalan Alor for some drinks. Hmm saw lots of spray cans on the street midway. Countless. Pity the cleaners, busy sweeping those residues.
No exaggeration. This is just a small portion of all. 
Perhaps 1% or even lesser than that.

Aiks, I didn't manage to snap photos by using my mobile. Don't really know what's wrong with it. Will only post this when I get those photos. Gah I'm still waiting my hair to dry. =P

So photos are all taken using Kanni's mobile.
Gah..They don't even let go of us while taking photo..

Kanni and I


L1nG L1nG said...

The first thing I want to say = You look very pretty in the photos, especially the last photo!

Secondly, the third photo reminds me a scene in "My Sassy Girlfriend" which is my favourite Korean movie. =)

Casley said...

haha yeah i like the last pic oso..pic of me only..haha (later kanni kills me)..jk =P

i thought of My Sassy Girlfriend only after i get back home..i was thinking to write about the My Sassy Girlfriend..but i think not much ppl know bout it though..only lingling u know, more ngam key..LOL..

anyway the guys reli impressed me..shud find a guy like that..hahaha.. XD