Saturday, December 20, 2008

Relish @ SkyBar

I've always wanted to go SkyBar long time ago. It is popular in KL for its pool side setting and its location which provides a great view for the Petronas Twin Towers as well as the KL Tower.


Splendid, isn't it?

Magnificient KL night view

And this time, I went there after their renovation which underwent for 2 months till Nov. Now it has a retractable shelter which avoid from rainy day (as there is no window at our seats there, it's open-air with just waist level of walls. And yeah we can straightaway jump down from 33rd floor and get killed. =P). Besides that, it also has a better air ventilation (somehow I was still a wee sweating. Note: there are just fans. No air-con).

I went there with a bunch of friends. Chilled ourselves with cool drinks and intoxicating views. Well, I'm not that good in drinking. I just kept getting myself with the snacks. Somehow, the snacks made me felt even thirsty. Smart them, techniques for making customers thirsty with snacks and will then order for more drinks.

Cool bar

I must admit that the design is cool. A swimming pool is featured in the middle of SkyBar which makes it a real distinction compare to other bars. The breathtaking view from SkyBar is without a doubt one of the best in Kuala Lumpur. We had a really great day. But a dancing pool can makes the day(night) even better. As there's no dance pool, Mohkeong, Ceejay and I which enjoy dancing have to just shake shake ourselves at our seats. =(

Beware not to fall into the pool as the walking path is
really narrow as you can see from the picture above.

SkyBar, I would definitely go there again and it's recommended. Note, go there during night time is better with the surrounding area are all lighted up, making the view from the bar is absolutely stunning. And as you can see from the first three pictures, the environment is really nice and soothing.

Glorious night

Black for all


hwan said...

nice place! must bring me there 1 day.

Casley said...

sure!!! no problem.. we go there when u come back.. but hwan, remember prepare money har..XD

hwan said...

ceh. i thought u belanja??!! so sui. hahaha.

Casley said...

wah abalone u asked me to treat..Now Skybar..not easy to be ur ko lian..=P