Friday, January 30, 2009

Cute cute cousins

My 2 little cute cousins came to my hse. My uncle and aunt chat with my parents in the living room. While I 'babysit' them in my bedroom. 
Chu En and Ju Yin

Kids nowaday are really among the welfare and good care given from their parents. They have their very own handphones(and they are just 11 and 9 years old respectively). Me? I only have mobile when I was in form 3. And it's second hand from my mum. > <

Both of them enjoy 'explore' every single corner of my bedroom. As usual, they look at my books, magazines, stationaries, softoys, clothes blablabla. Luckily they are well-behaved. They asked for permission before they open up something. Haha they are really adorable. The 2 photos below are taken by me (secretly XD).
Flipping over the magazines

My wardrobe O.o

Here are 2 interesting scenes. 
Play nicely initially

OMG ~ so violent!!

**(These photos are just for entertainment. Taken accidentally. My cousins are very polite and good manner actually. =P)**

What's more? They are cam whores (though they are still very young). They like to take photos very much.
3 cam whores XD


L1nG L1nG said...

Casley, your room is so nice yet tidy! I feel so guilty when I turn my head to look around my room.. =_=''' It is always in a big mess!!!

Btw, you have a great collection of Pooh, wakakak XD

Casley said...

Thx lingling!! haha but u should see what it looks during exam room could turn upside down!!! XD

i'm sure ur room looks better than me..shud go ur hse someday when u're is it sounds? =P

hehe i love pooh pooh!! n no doubt, u sure have awesome collection of Mickey!! LOL..

L1nG L1nG said...

No matter what season are the western countries having, my room is still the same =_=''' It is ALWAYS in a deep mess~ With all the books, papers, stationery, shirts, pants etc at every corner of my little room.. This is y i really feel guilty when I looked at your room..

Sure! you will be the most-welcomed guest to visit my room + my house~ provided you are still willing to visit when I am back to Malaysia again, wakakkaa XD

I know you are always a loyal Pooh fans! I do love Mickey and Disney, but seriously I do not have such an impressive collection as u do =P

Casley said...

are u serious?! haha i dun believe that!!! =P

Yeah would really love to 'explore' ur room..ngek ngek ngek(learn from u)..

ah, u're being too humble, ling..i know u have lovely collection of mickey..look at ur clothes!! n ur necklace!! n many more.. haha i jealous ler..XD

Haha actually i have another precious collection which i love very much, other than the u next time, if u come visit my hse..^^

L1nG L1nG said...

Yeah i m telling the truth! I just can't deny how lazyyyyy m i!!! XD

nonono!!! NOT AT ALL!!! I have some mickey stuffs only, not a lot.. Comparatively, mine is like 30% of yours! So, for you, mine is really nothing =P

WOW!!! Thanks for allowing me to see ur precious collection!!! Looking forward to it =P waakakakak

Casley said...

Hmm honestly, i still cant believe that..haha unless i see it with my own eyes..coz u're too good for me jor..paiseh, not bcoz i dunwan believe u..

hehe i love ur gold and platinum mickey necklace, i told u that..

u're always welcome to see..not really special, mean a lot to me though..sure will have the waiting for u to come back!! ^^