Friday, January 2, 2009

♥ Guardian angel ♥

Grant me a guardian angel please

An angel to guide me when I’m lost
An angel to lean on when I falter
An angel who braves the storms with me
An angel who picks me up when I fall
An angel who I can share my happiness and woes with
An angel who cheers me up when I am down
An angel who wipes my tears when I cry
An angel who holds my hand and never let go
An angel who takes me go when I’m sad
An angel who will never leave me alone

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hwan said...

the angel will definitely come to you 1 day. as long as u keep believing it n open ur 2 big eyes n see carefully. hope by the time u found it, dont let him go. grab the chance. no more tat passive! haha.

Casley said...

haha i will keep my eyes as big as i can to see carefully..=)

i have the faith and waiting..LOL..
thx hwan!! u will find urs as well..

good luck to both of us..hahaha..XD