Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday, Hwan!!!

This post is especially dedicated to my buddy~Hwan. 
His 21st birthday on 15 Jan 2009!

First of all, I want to thank you for guiding me especially during those 'dark' moments~best friend as well as mentor. Really appreciate that.

Me and Hwan

Friendship forever!! Hmm how many years of friendship we've until now? 21-7=14! (you taught me how to count this =P). 

Wishing you a very happy 21st birthday. The warmest birthday greetings and blessings from me (8000km away though).

Here's your birthday cake. Sending to you from Malaysia.
Looking forward for you to come back. Miss you. =)

 Malaysia  >> > > > > >  New Zealand

(Post this earlier due to New Zealand is 5 hours earlier than Malaysia in time difference).


L1nG L1nG said...

Happy Birthday to Tuan Hwan!!!
May all his dreamsss come true!!!

Bede Márton said...

Friendship does not exist between a male and female. Good luck, lovers.

Casley said...

huh? who is this?
LOL..u must be misunderstood, we're not lovers..
n there exists friendship between male and female..=)

theng said...

happy birthday,hwan!!
may all ur dreams come true ya..=)

theng said...

yaya..i oso believe tat there is pure frenship btw male n female..

Casley said...

Haha yeah pure friendship..
friends forever!! ^^

hwan said...

sry sry n tq tq. i commented just now but dunno where it's gone. thx every1 who wish me n my wish is may every1's wishes come true! and... cheers!!

Casley said...

u lah..muz be commented at the wrong place again..haha cheers!!! ^^

Eva said...

Happy happy birthday :)

leyjuen said...

the buddy should now change to hubby adi ^^