Sunday, January 11, 2009

♥ Happy Birthday to my aunt ♥


Happy birthday to Aunt Belinda. Love you. Muacks.

My aunt with SR Chocolate Indulgence~ Yum yum~

Casley and Belinda

Family Koh went to her house for the birthday celebration(my uncle was trying to give her a surprise). We first had our dinner at a restaurant nearby my aunt's house. The dinner was nice. However I wasn't really indulge as I just kept chatting with my cousin sis.

The OLD ones~ LOL

The YOUNG ones =P

(L-R) Melanie, Leanne, Casley and Joanne

The elder sis

The younger sis

My cousin bro, Mark

We had birthday cake, champagne and red wine after that. Chat non stop. Had a really great time. Can't wait till chinese new year to meet you guys again. LOL.


theng said...

omg,ur dress..
i saw a dress tat same pattern as urs bt purple in colour laz time..
i like it so much tat time..
bt i din buy it..
nw saw ur dress,
reind me bout tat..

hwan said...

so many pretty girls!!!! ❤0❤ but u. hahaha... nola. none of them r pretty actually. i hope i'm not antagonizing any1. just telling the truth.

Casley said...

haha if u bought it, then we wear together..
go out looks like sisters..=P

Casley said...

what u mean by '❤0❤ but me'?

Grr.. none of us are pretty? truth somemore..suan liao..=(

wait u come back msia then u'll know..=P

L1nG L1nG said...

Please allow me to say something again!!!
Ching, you look GORGEOUS yet sexy in the dress!!! Glad to know that you had a great time with ur relatives =)

Casley said...

Thx so much lingling.. Nah hwan, see that mou? LOL..

yeah had a really great time with them..waiting for cny..haha waiting for angpao!!! XD