Friday, February 27, 2009

Say yes to O'Briens!!

Went for facial. Urgh I look terrible now with all the marks and scars. Need some time to recover. Thus, no picture of me today. LOL.

Boring, went to KLCC for shopping and facial. Bought no clothes, but something~ my favourite. Well, since I have nothing to post here, I'm going to make this post featuring sandwich!! Oh yeah, this post is featuring the sandwich, not me. = =

Ingredients~They made it fresh in front of you.

Bought it for myself and Aunt Belinda. She is the one that first intro me this. And since then, I fall in love with it. I'm a bread lover, certainly.

O'briens!! Oh yeah~

Closer view

It's quite pricey actually. Sandwich for RM17! Anyway I think worth well for this super duper yummy sandwish. Go and try, then you'll know. They made it freshly in front of you. It tastes the best for me so far among the sandwishes I tried. Definitely will ask for more!! XD

Omg it tastes so nice and crunchy~ never bored of it~

Highly recommended!!! Rate: ★★★★★

**Boring post, I know. Bear with that, I'm doring too!!! > <

Thursday, February 26, 2009

3 months old for my blog XD

It has been 3 months since my very first post. I hope my readers enjoy reading my blog. Though I know I don't have much readers and interesting posts. Forgive me for being so emo all the time. Will try my best anyway. Please keep on supporting my blog!! =P

Here is another add-on for my blog. The playlist. I included the songs I love, especially Canon in D in this version. I don't have any idea how come Canon has so many versions. I love this version somehow, this sounds the best for me. I have forgotten who gave me this version though. But really thank the one that gave me this. I love it so much. I love them all. Instrumental songs. They ease my sorrows. Say yes to music!!

Now I don't need my media player. I can listen to my favourite songs from my own blog and keep it repeating. =P For those who know me well, you know I have the bad habit of listening one song and keep repeating it, without feeling ANY boredom(even my family complain and ask for switching to another song!! XD). Nevertheless, no much people are as freak as me.

Hope you guys won't fall asleep while reading my blog 'cause these songs are really soothing. For those who dislike my playlist, please gimme some comment about it or just TURN IT OFF. =)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Running nose + cough

Made lotsa wantan today (tissue wantan). Haha it's okay if don't get it. Crap~ Cough for whole day as well. =(

Perhaps I got the cold 'cause of the rain that night or got it from my classmate. Pity me. 

Running nose huh? Look at this picture below. Perhaps I should feel thankful?

Ouch!! Feel sorry to him~

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Morning call, anyone?

Okay it's 4.30 am right now. 
And I'm facing my laptop blogging.
Posting this and replying the comment of previous posts.
Oh, that's great. Really great.
Since when I have this good habit
of waking up so so so early.
I mean it sarcastically.

Wakened by gastric. 
I shouldn't finish that effing sour honey lemon last night.
I should have listen.
This is my 3rd time of having gastric this month.
Headache now somemore. 
I think it must because of the rain last night.

But what keeps me awake is another story.
Rolling on my bed.
Can't fall asleep though.
Things turn into complication.
I feel the pressure.
So many things in my mind.
What I hate the most is I'm thinking of ....
I hope I can get rid of you.
Seem like you're just suppose to be there eh?
Scratch that, I should have hate you so much.
You don't deserve to be right here.

Solution~step back.
Put up walls back again.
Though it's half way broken.

Suddenly think of the previous post of quotes.
Seem like there's quite a number out there like it huh?
I found them in MSN pm, letter etc.
My pleasure.
My favourites of all are the last 2 actually.
2nd last sounds like made it for me.
Nevertheless not only it needs the one that care,
but also requirse the right person.
While the last simply true for me.
Sitting next to you doing absolutely nothing,
means absolutely everything to me.
Should I say I start loving to be stuck in traffic jam?
Nah, only at the right time. =P

Morning call, anyone?
I'm here for you.
I hope I can wake someone up.
To accompany me.
I should not wake this one up anyway.

Okay, I have turn into emo again. Yeah again.
Shouldn't say so much here anymore.
That's not me.
Just let the rest stay with me.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bad weather, good outing~

Oh yeah, as you can see from the title above. It has been raining whole day, from afternoon till night. My mood is not affected anyhow. =P

Went to Timesquare for Benjamin Button. Thanks to this blur Mr. Mysterious for remembering the wrong showtime. Watched Kung Fu Chef in the end. Well, I'm still waiting for that Benjamin Button k?!! Lazy to describe the synopsis of the story. Sorry, just got back home. Tired. Trying to finish this post asap. ><
No description. Just pic! =P
3 stars out of 5

Dinner at look out point. Well, I'm not really dare to go there actually, based on the 'stories' I heard from so many people. Seemed like I have the courage this time. The food is good, but defintely a NO for my Honey Lemon. I thought it should be good for me as I'm having sorethroat. But, it's simply just TOO SOUR. I wonder is there any honey added or it's solely the lemon juice. No pic of me taken. Upset. Haha just the pic of foods and drinks.

Black pepper chicken chop

Cheese baked chicken chop

Chocolate snowy and honey lemon

It's nice. 
Somehow can't really bring what I saw into the pic. 
Blame my phone cam.

Taken during raining.

Aiks raining raining raining. Just can't stop the rain. Yeah I kena rain. Nawh, we kena. Both of the patients. Jacket is simply not enough, but better than nothing eh? I should have bring my new Esprit umbrella down the car, regret (so excited with the newly bought umbrella, finally I can use it to college as I lost my previous umbrella). Anyway please don't charge me for seeing doctor again tommorow. XD Get well soon. *sneezing*


Hmm received a letter and call which really really surprised me when I get back home just now. I was like..omg..speechless.. I don't know what I can say. Gosh what I'm suppose to do. Hmm for the one, please don't suddenly drop by and leave. That really worries me.


Realise something after I heard some stories of a friend.
Don't be with someone just because you need a companion or bf/gf
Be with him/her because you like him/her seriously
Good luck to this friend anyway


Guys are great liars
Cannot be trusted
Lies are always the barrier
Dissapointed indeed


That's all for today.
Nitez everyone!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

What's going on?

Vomit early in the morning. =(

Sorethroat somemore.
Aiks I hate sorethroat.
I drink water more than enough.
As for those who close to me will know this.
You will shock with the amount I drink everyday.

Haha someone else has the same case there~ sorethroat.
Not to mention the name of this mysterious person. 
This person simply enjoys being mysterious.
You know who you are. Drink more water lah you!! =P

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Outing with dear dear

Just back from Mid Valley. Second outing since Susan is back from Indon. Waiting for the 3rd outing. And I'm going to make sure it would be sing k. Otherwise I wont let Susan back to Indon. =P

Went to McD for lunch(as for me), McFlurry(for Susan and Steph) and chit chat. We never sick of talking. Anything would be a topic for us. Girl's stuff!! Hmm I think it would be great if we have pillow's talk. Sure not going to sleep whole night. We laugh, we cry!! Yeah we are emo dears!! So what? But too bad, 3 of us are busy, especially Miss Hwang. Haha that's how she got her 4 flat and first honour AND top student in her course. Applause for her!!! She's simply genius!!!
Mc Flurry. Same pose eh. =P

Bowling with Susan. Keehui was too lazy to move her body. Who asks her go learn wat-so-called-taekwando? Haha but that's actually a good thing. Healthy activity eh? Funny part has come. Susan score terribly. Yeah this is due to her first time bowling. Actually both of us score badly. Blame the slipperly floor. Haha. Okay, I'm simply crazy now. Thanks for their influence of making me out of my mind. Don't worry, temporary side effect.

Susan and Steph

Me and Keehui

*hope keehui isn't going to see this, or I'll be dead XD*

Cosmic Bowl~ Nice
~ I'm so in love with glow in the dark ~

Star ~ love the background

Love for us

Watched Valkyrie. Haha wonder why 3 gals chose Valkyrie? Blame this on me. I asked for the wrong movie. I was thinking to order the Kung Fu Chef but I mentioned Valkyrie. And what's more? I only realised it a while after I left the counter! Omg I'm so so so blur!! I feel so guilty. So sorry to my gals.

Valkyrie ~ featuring Tom Cruise

Well, I don't really know how to describe this movie precisely. Sorry, I just don't fancy history anyhow. I just know it took place during the World War II, when Adolf Hitler take control over Germany. And where the German Army officers intended to assassinate Hitler (but mission failed!! Argh!!). Bad Hitler~ cruelest man in the world ever!! The actor really looks alike Adolf Hitler. Just like Hitler has reborn. Oops, I hope I'm not going to offend anyone with this. I know how sensitive the western country pepple is towards Hitler. Anyway, 3 stars for Valkyrie over total of 5 stars for me. Because it has really bad ending. I prefer good ending, always. I detest to see protagonists been executed in this movie eventually.
Vague eh

Come ~ take 2

Our blur driver

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's dinner

Many has wondered and asked me whether did I go anywhere during Valentine's Day. Hmm it's pretty hard to celebrate Valentine's day without valentine. You know, without valentine!! Anyhow, I enjoyed my dinner with a friend~my partner tonight. Thanks to Mingkiat.

Roses for Valentine!!!

Red wine and rose

Went to 4Happy Seasons Restaurant. The environment there is good and the decor is great. However, we confronted a little inefficiency of the service there. I think this is mainly because of the lack-of-experienced waiters since the restaurant is just opening not long ago.

What's shocked me the most is....the owner of this restaurant is Mr. Goh (hmm did I spell the name right or..? Whatever....) from Suria Tuition Centre. I was stunned when he came over to brief on his own restaurant. Well according to Mr.Goh (haha sound so formal pula), he designed the restaurant himself, a credit for him as I do think the decor is creative (at least it is above average compares to the other restaurants).

The cuisine is okay. Hmm you know, I'm very picky when it comes to foods. VERY. And the price killed me actually.
Prawn Salsa with mango

Smoke salmon with smoke salsa

Mixed seafood platter

Dragon fire chicken


My partner tonight~Mingkiat

Cheese cake

Chocolate rose cake

*Take one*

*Take two* never halt from being a camwhore =P

Ahem, let me introduce this restaurant on behalf of Mr. Goh. Help him promote a lil, get no allowance though. LOL. Well, basically it's a restaurant with settings designed in a four-season theme: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Below are the pictures I took with every season, except from spring. Mind this, there are so many other people camwhoring other than me. XD

Summer~Had enough of it..It's too hot in M'sia!!

Autumn~reddish maple *gorgeous*

Winter~attracts me the most

Nevertheless, it's freaking cold inside!!

Me~with the spiral stairs

Mingkiat impressed me with his magic tricks. Will update the 'magic' videos soon. Haha it's not easy to perform magic. Well done! Thanks so much to him for this awesome dinner.

With the magician tonight

Where's the coin?

How long it takes to find a card?

I can predict how many cards in your hand?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Am going to share some of my favourite quotes here.
Quotes about LOVE today since it's V-day!!! ^^

**The spaces between your fingers were created so that another's could fill them in

**Anyone can make you smile or cry, but it takes someone special to make you smile when you already have tears in your eye

**Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control 

**Sometimes people put up walls, not to keep others out, but to see who cares enough to break them down 

**Sitting next to you doing absolutely nothing, means absolutely everything to me

Spread the love!!!  

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Anti Valentine Party

Saw this Anti Valentine Party in Facebook. The title really caught my eyes. I think this is why they named it so. Well, at first I thought it's some event in western country. Guess what? It's going to be held in Malaysia (SS7, Plaza Kelana Jaya). Starting on tommorow 10pm and end at 3am. 

Here is the description about it:

"Ideal for the single babe, Mr.Lonely and Miss Free.
Come and have fun with Merseyside and other singles who are looking for love.
We also have a game of (Traffic light) theme + lucky draws.
We will be your unforgettable Valentine! Merseyside will love you!
Who knows? You might just meet your girlfriends sexy sister! Or her mum! Or brother...
Everybody get ready for our Anti Valentines night!"

Haha sound interesting huh? I'm curious about it. =P
However it's a little pathetic to name 'anti valentine'. It's good to have valentine by one's side. We should feel happy for them, right? Why anti valentine? Of course sometime you hope that there's someone always right beside you, anyhow being a single is not that bad though. Just have to think from another perspective. 
I'm single, I enjoy, I have fun. Single~ love it still. XD

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Run away from home?

So sad. I run away from home. My family abandoned me. They don't want me. So i decided to leave..........

Nah don't be surprise with the title and the ridiculous contents I typed above. Many people has get shocked with my msn personal message(as I post it the same as the title here). Some really do think so. Sorry ya. I'm not running away from home. I'm just going to overnight at my friend's house tonight. For my first time, stay overnight at friend's house. I accompany her as her housemates has all gone back to hometown. Haha anyone else that's afraid of being alone at home? Come come, I accompany u. LOL!!!

I live here for 20 years, I never been to Alpha Condo (just 2km from my house) though. Oh yeah something I must say. The stucture of this building is very weird (sorry for saying this). The designer made it totally different from the other condos I have seen. You cannot reach a particular floor by pressing the button in the lift. There is no button for each floor individually. There is no 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor...... Instead, look at this: level 1-2, level 3-4, level 5-6.......Get that? For example, if you're going to 5th floor, you're actually suppose to press the 'level 6-7' button. Then from there, you're going to take stair in order to reach 5th floor. Hmm I'm not really sure 'bout this, but I heard Singapore do have this same kind of style? Hmm..whatever..

Which floor is this? 9th or 10th? Hmm..

I'm feeling very excited actually. Cause I never have a chance to stay outside. Feel very different as at home. There are no sofa at her house. The living room has actually become their study room.
O.o  Speechless

I brought my laptop here as I can't live without it. Haha but I forgot to bring the adapter and battery. How forgetful I am! Luckily I'm allowed to use this PC which belongs to Yeeyan's housemate.
Facebook and msn 

Seeie~cooking porridge

Well, I can't really focus on my study(as I'm having test tommorow!). That's why I'm blogging here and msn. =P Sei Ee joins us as she can't concentrate doing her coursework at home(her housemates are playing mahjong! Omg that's so fun!).

Seeie's architecture coursework *A lot of Uhu is needed for that LOL*

Yeeyan plays with my phone camera. Some silly photos are taken. Haha.
Oops my life is threatened tonight!

Pinch me pula ><

Haha the real victim~

Treat her like a doll.. 夹娃娃?XD

Photos with lovely heart.

So serious

Day dreaming

Lovely Yeeyan
Isn't this photo look the best compare to the other 2 with heart? It's bcoz of the PRO photographer. *giggling~thinking of Yeeyan that's going to debate with me again*

YeeYan and SeiEe

Gosh I should be studying instead of facing this desktop. Off to 'eat book'. Tata~

P/S: I miss my huggy pillow, pinky heart and pooh pooh!! Sob~