Thursday, February 12, 2009

Anti Valentine Party

Saw this Anti Valentine Party in Facebook. The title really caught my eyes. I think this is why they named it so. Well, at first I thought it's some event in western country. Guess what? It's going to be held in Malaysia (SS7, Plaza Kelana Jaya). Starting on tommorow 10pm and end at 3am. 

Here is the description about it:

"Ideal for the single babe, Mr.Lonely and Miss Free.
Come and have fun with Merseyside and other singles who are looking for love.
We also have a game of (Traffic light) theme + lucky draws.
We will be your unforgettable Valentine! Merseyside will love you!
Who knows? You might just meet your girlfriends sexy sister! Or her mum! Or brother...
Everybody get ready for our Anti Valentines night!"

Haha sound interesting huh? I'm curious about it. =P
However it's a little pathetic to name 'anti valentine'. It's good to have valentine by one's side. We should feel happy for them, right? Why anti valentine? Of course sometime you hope that there's someone always right beside you, anyhow being a single is not that bad though. Just have to think from another perspective. 
I'm single, I enjoy, I have fun. Single~ love it still. XD

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