Monday, February 23, 2009

Bad weather, good outing~

Oh yeah, as you can see from the title above. It has been raining whole day, from afternoon till night. My mood is not affected anyhow. =P

Went to Timesquare for Benjamin Button. Thanks to this blur Mr. Mysterious for remembering the wrong showtime. Watched Kung Fu Chef in the end. Well, I'm still waiting for that Benjamin Button k?!! Lazy to describe the synopsis of the story. Sorry, just got back home. Tired. Trying to finish this post asap. ><
No description. Just pic! =P
3 stars out of 5

Dinner at look out point. Well, I'm not really dare to go there actually, based on the 'stories' I heard from so many people. Seemed like I have the courage this time. The food is good, but defintely a NO for my Honey Lemon. I thought it should be good for me as I'm having sorethroat. But, it's simply just TOO SOUR. I wonder is there any honey added or it's solely the lemon juice. No pic of me taken. Upset. Haha just the pic of foods and drinks.

Black pepper chicken chop

Cheese baked chicken chop

Chocolate snowy and honey lemon

It's nice. 
Somehow can't really bring what I saw into the pic. 
Blame my phone cam.

Taken during raining.

Aiks raining raining raining. Just can't stop the rain. Yeah I kena rain. Nawh, we kena. Both of the patients. Jacket is simply not enough, but better than nothing eh? I should have bring my new Esprit umbrella down the car, regret (so excited with the newly bought umbrella, finally I can use it to college as I lost my previous umbrella). Anyway please don't charge me for seeing doctor again tommorow. XD Get well soon. *sneezing*


Hmm received a letter and call which really really surprised me when I get back home just now. I was like..omg..speechless.. I don't know what I can say. Gosh what I'm suppose to do. Hmm for the one, please don't suddenly drop by and leave. That really worries me.


Realise something after I heard some stories of a friend.
Don't be with someone just because you need a companion or bf/gf
Be with him/her because you like him/her seriously
Good luck to this friend anyway


Guys are great liars
Cannot be trusted
Lies are always the barrier
Dissapointed indeed


That's all for today.
Nitez everyone!!

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