Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Morning call, anyone?

Okay it's 4.30 am right now. 
And I'm facing my laptop blogging.
Posting this and replying the comment of previous posts.
Oh, that's great. Really great.
Since when I have this good habit
of waking up so so so early.
I mean it sarcastically.

Wakened by gastric. 
I shouldn't finish that effing sour honey lemon last night.
I should have listen.
This is my 3rd time of having gastric this month.
Headache now somemore. 
I think it must because of the rain last night.

But what keeps me awake is another story.
Rolling on my bed.
Can't fall asleep though.
Things turn into complication.
I feel the pressure.
So many things in my mind.
What I hate the most is I'm thinking of ....
I hope I can get rid of you.
Seem like you're just suppose to be there eh?
Scratch that, I should have hate you so much.
You don't deserve to be right here.

Solution~step back.
Put up walls back again.
Though it's half way broken.

Suddenly think of the previous post of quotes.
Seem like there's quite a number out there like it huh?
I found them in MSN pm, letter etc.
My pleasure.
My favourites of all are the last 2 actually.
2nd last sounds like made it for me.
Nevertheless not only it needs the one that care,
but also requirse the right person.
While the last simply true for me.
Sitting next to you doing absolutely nothing,
means absolutely everything to me.
Should I say I start loving to be stuck in traffic jam?
Nah, only at the right time. =P

Morning call, anyone?
I'm here for you.
I hope I can wake someone up.
To accompany me.
I should not wake this one up anyway.

Okay, I have turn into emo again. Yeah again.
Shouldn't say so much here anymore.
That's not me.
Just let the rest stay with me.

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