Saturday, February 21, 2009

Outing with dear dear

Just back from Mid Valley. Second outing since Susan is back from Indon. Waiting for the 3rd outing. And I'm going to make sure it would be sing k. Otherwise I wont let Susan back to Indon. =P

Went to McD for lunch(as for me), McFlurry(for Susan and Steph) and chit chat. We never sick of talking. Anything would be a topic for us. Girl's stuff!! Hmm I think it would be great if we have pillow's talk. Sure not going to sleep whole night. We laugh, we cry!! Yeah we are emo dears!! So what? But too bad, 3 of us are busy, especially Miss Hwang. Haha that's how she got her 4 flat and first honour AND top student in her course. Applause for her!!! She's simply genius!!!
Mc Flurry. Same pose eh. =P

Bowling with Susan. Keehui was too lazy to move her body. Who asks her go learn wat-so-called-taekwando? Haha but that's actually a good thing. Healthy activity eh? Funny part has come. Susan score terribly. Yeah this is due to her first time bowling. Actually both of us score badly. Blame the slipperly floor. Haha. Okay, I'm simply crazy now. Thanks for their influence of making me out of my mind. Don't worry, temporary side effect.

Susan and Steph

Me and Keehui

*hope keehui isn't going to see this, or I'll be dead XD*

Cosmic Bowl~ Nice
~ I'm so in love with glow in the dark ~

Star ~ love the background

Love for us

Watched Valkyrie. Haha wonder why 3 gals chose Valkyrie? Blame this on me. I asked for the wrong movie. I was thinking to order the Kung Fu Chef but I mentioned Valkyrie. And what's more? I only realised it a while after I left the counter! Omg I'm so so so blur!! I feel so guilty. So sorry to my gals.

Valkyrie ~ featuring Tom Cruise

Well, I don't really know how to describe this movie precisely. Sorry, I just don't fancy history anyhow. I just know it took place during the World War II, when Adolf Hitler take control over Germany. And where the German Army officers intended to assassinate Hitler (but mission failed!! Argh!!). Bad Hitler~ cruelest man in the world ever!! The actor really looks alike Adolf Hitler. Just like Hitler has reborn. Oops, I hope I'm not going to offend anyone with this. I know how sensitive the western country pepple is towards Hitler. Anyway, 3 stars for Valkyrie over total of 5 stars for me. Because it has really bad ending. I prefer good ending, always. I detest to see protagonists been executed in this movie eventually.
Vague eh

Come ~ take 2

Our blur driver


L1nG L1nG said...

Wow.. looks like you had a great time with your friends! How good is that!!!

Btw, you look very sexy in your black deep-v top @__@ of course, very very very pretty at the same time =P

Casley said...

Yeah yeah i really enjoy hanging out with fun!! hope u're in msia too..=( then we can go gai gai..AND not forget to take pic!!! ^^

haha u said so, i shy liao..=P thx very much ling!! =P

L1nG L1nG said...

So do I! I wish I am in Malaysia too!!! wkakakaa XD

Of course you are welcomed to take pictures with me, if you intend to create a photo with a theme of Beauty and the Beast. Unquestionably you are the beauty while I am the beast =P wkakakakak XD

Casley said... can u say that?
NO ONE will ever think so..
how can u have such thought?

hehe sure going to camwhore with u..LOL!!!
Hmm if u're asking for the theme, then u're definitely the Snow White for me(u're so fair)..^^

*yawning again*