Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Run away from home?

So sad. I run away from home. My family abandoned me. They don't want me. So i decided to leave..........

Nah don't be surprise with the title and the ridiculous contents I typed above. Many people has get shocked with my msn personal message(as I post it the same as the title here). Some really do think so. Sorry ya. I'm not running away from home. I'm just going to overnight at my friend's house tonight. For my first time, stay overnight at friend's house. I accompany her as her housemates has all gone back to hometown. Haha anyone else that's afraid of being alone at home? Come come, I accompany u. LOL!!!

I live here for 20 years, I never been to Alpha Condo (just 2km from my house) though. Oh yeah something I must say. The stucture of this building is very weird (sorry for saying this). The designer made it totally different from the other condos I have seen. You cannot reach a particular floor by pressing the button in the lift. There is no button for each floor individually. There is no 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor...... Instead, look at this: level 1-2, level 3-4, level 5-6.......Get that? For example, if you're going to 5th floor, you're actually suppose to press the 'level 6-7' button. Then from there, you're going to take stair in order to reach 5th floor. Hmm I'm not really sure 'bout this, but I heard Singapore do have this same kind of style? Hmm..whatever..

Which floor is this? 9th or 10th? Hmm..

I'm feeling very excited actually. Cause I never have a chance to stay outside. Feel very different as at home. There are no sofa at her house. The living room has actually become their study room.
O.o  Speechless

I brought my laptop here as I can't live without it. Haha but I forgot to bring the adapter and battery. How forgetful I am! Luckily I'm allowed to use this PC which belongs to Yeeyan's housemate.
Facebook and msn 

Seeie~cooking porridge

Well, I can't really focus on my study(as I'm having test tommorow!). That's why I'm blogging here and msn. =P Sei Ee joins us as she can't concentrate doing her coursework at home(her housemates are playing mahjong! Omg that's so fun!).

Seeie's architecture coursework *A lot of Uhu is needed for that LOL*

Yeeyan plays with my phone camera. Some silly photos are taken. Haha.
Oops my life is threatened tonight!

Pinch me pula ><

Haha the real victim~

Treat her like a doll.. 夹娃娃?XD

Photos with lovely heart.

So serious

Day dreaming

Lovely Yeeyan
Isn't this photo look the best compare to the other 2 with heart? It's bcoz of the PRO photographer. *giggling~thinking of Yeeyan that's going to debate with me again*

YeeYan and SeiEe

Gosh I should be studying instead of facing this desktop. Off to 'eat book'. Tata~

P/S: I miss my huggy pillow, pinky heart and pooh pooh!! Sob~


L1nG L1nG said...

Wow.. You look so different in these photos!!! Hardly recognise you in ur spectacles, especially with your serious face *__*

Casley said...

Haha really?

Have to study for the test on the next slightly serious in the pic..hehe..

next time i should post more my photos with spec..or else u cant recognise me if u see me with spec..XD

L1nG L1nG said...

Haha.. You really look different in specs!!!

Well, if I am not mistaken, I have NEVER seen you wearing specs before! You are always in contact lenses every time I see you.. wakakakak XD

Casley said...

next time i wear spec when go out with u..
but i hardly wear spec when go out..

some people even say i look more serious (jeng geng) in spec, like teacher!! hahaha..

tth said...

hey ur pic - "oops my life is threatened tonight!!!" n "pinch me pula" looks like my piano teacher.

Casley said...

ur paino teacher?
Gosh i heard from him that she's very old liao de child somemore (if im not mistaken) right?

Grr, since when im so old hwan? =P

Casley said...

Haha but im glad hwan read my blog..
hmm perhaps just scrolling for pics eh?
arigatou my buddy..