Friday, February 27, 2009

Say yes to O'Briens!!

Went for facial. Urgh I look terrible now with all the marks and scars. Need some time to recover. Thus, no picture of me today. LOL.

Boring, went to KLCC for shopping and facial. Bought no clothes, but something~ my favourite. Well, since I have nothing to post here, I'm going to make this post featuring sandwich!! Oh yeah, this post is featuring the sandwich, not me. = =

Ingredients~They made it fresh in front of you.

Bought it for myself and Aunt Belinda. She is the one that first intro me this. And since then, I fall in love with it. I'm a bread lover, certainly.

O'briens!! Oh yeah~

Closer view

It's quite pricey actually. Sandwich for RM17! Anyway I think worth well for this super duper yummy sandwish. Go and try, then you'll know. They made it freshly in front of you. It tastes the best for me so far among the sandwishes I tried. Definitely will ask for more!! XD

Omg it tastes so nice and crunchy~ never bored of it~

Highly recommended!!! Rate: ★★★★★

**Boring post, I know. Bear with that, I'm doring too!!! > <

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