Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's dinner

Many has wondered and asked me whether did I go anywhere during Valentine's Day. Hmm it's pretty hard to celebrate Valentine's day without valentine. You know, without valentine!! Anyhow, I enjoyed my dinner with a friend~my partner tonight. Thanks to Mingkiat.

Roses for Valentine!!!

Red wine and rose

Went to 4Happy Seasons Restaurant. The environment there is good and the decor is great. However, we confronted a little inefficiency of the service there. I think this is mainly because of the lack-of-experienced waiters since the restaurant is just opening not long ago.

What's shocked me the most is....the owner of this restaurant is Mr. Goh (hmm did I spell the name right or..? Whatever....) from Suria Tuition Centre. I was stunned when he came over to brief on his own restaurant. Well according to Mr.Goh (haha sound so formal pula), he designed the restaurant himself, a credit for him as I do think the decor is creative (at least it is above average compares to the other restaurants).

The cuisine is okay. Hmm you know, I'm very picky when it comes to foods. VERY. And the price killed me actually.
Prawn Salsa with mango

Smoke salmon with smoke salsa

Mixed seafood platter

Dragon fire chicken


My partner tonight~Mingkiat

Cheese cake

Chocolate rose cake

*Take one*

*Take two* never halt from being a camwhore =P

Ahem, let me introduce this restaurant on behalf of Mr. Goh. Help him promote a lil, get no allowance though. LOL. Well, basically it's a restaurant with settings designed in a four-season theme: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Below are the pictures I took with every season, except from spring. Mind this, there are so many other people camwhoring other than me. XD

Summer~Had enough of it..It's too hot in M'sia!!

Autumn~reddish maple *gorgeous*

Winter~attracts me the most

Nevertheless, it's freaking cold inside!!

Me~with the spiral stairs

Mingkiat impressed me with his magic tricks. Will update the 'magic' videos soon. Haha it's not easy to perform magic. Well done! Thanks so much to him for this awesome dinner.

With the magician tonight

Where's the coin?

How long it takes to find a card?

I can predict how many cards in your hand?


L1nG L1nG said...

Wa!!! So sweet *__*

Ngek ngek ngek XD

Casley said...

haha ur evil laughter thinking hard whether have i heard this laughter before when we met..couldn't imagine..=P

waiting for ur evil laughter..face to face..XD

tth said...

wa... my valentines... haih... sad. hahaha. anyway here also got 1 restaurant called 4 season. but it's a japanese restaurant.

L1nG L1nG said...

Ching is so naughty, replied to the latter part but not the former part...............

Hmmmmmm............... something suspicious XP

Casley said...

hwan, y post as tth?
not my valentine lah..

hmm this one is not japanese..
i think u rmb this mr.goh right?
haha im sure u stil rmb..

Casley said...

Ling, not suspicious at all..
u got my words..=P

I cant believe I'm replying so early in the morning..