Monday, March 30, 2009


Urgh I detest exam.
Stressing out now.
Ish pimples tend to visit me during this moment.
I look terrible!!!
Anxiety is filling me all over.
Hugging the buddhha's leg now.

Will be gone from blogging these days.
Anyway there are more excitements to come after exams.
I'm going to make sure of this.
Will gonna have fun after this.

By the time, pray for me. =P

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour @ KLCC

Support the Earth Hour!!

Just back from KLCC. So pleased to see KLCC lights off for an hour supporting the Earth Hour. It was awesome. You can see the lights went off begin from the top to the bottom's. So cool man!! I'm glad that I didn't miss out this moment. =P

Some of my friends are surprised that I still having the 'mood' to go out during this very moment (as exam is just around the corner). What I told them was I just can't miss such important event. Haha maybe not for you, but I truly like this kind of event. And since this is the first time Malaysia is having this so meaningful event, I'm sure not going to miss this!!! Anyway, I'm not going to write too long. Save time for studying. Actually I've took video of this. But don't know what the deuce happened, I just can't view it. I should use digicam instead of this crap phone camera. Urgh. So I'll just let the photos do the talking. Enjoy. ^^
From the park~evening

Closer look

So nice!!
So many people were waiting there,
prepared themselves with the camera.

Taken from the internet

Before Earth Hour

The lights went off from the top part

Then, the second level

And then, the whole KLCC went into darkness!!
Climax of all~

Even the restaurants were taking part in the Earth Hour
Candlelight dinner, so romantic~ not for me =P
Thumbs up anyway!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thank You~

Someone gave me a surprise visit again.
Basically to give me something. 
But based on the msn pm, I found that it's just a reason. 
Am I right? =P
I'm here to thank this person.
This post is featuring you.
(Just like how you did in your blog XD)
I owe you too much.
Too much of THANK YOU I need to say.

♥ Cecelia Ahern ~ PS I love You 

Thanks very much for the novel.
I will treat you a dinner in return. 
Sounds great huh?
Heart this novel

Anyway, am not going to read the novel yet.
Cause trial is coming!!
Oh gosh, next week.

I'm honoured to be the first reader of your blog.
First post featured in addition.
What you wrote. How I made you heartbroken.
I feel guilty. Very. You know that.
Your good makes me an evil person, as I'd said.
Thanks for everything.
And sorry.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Earth hour!!! LIGHTS OFF!!!

I'm joining Earth Hour!!! How about you?
By the way, feel free to look at this video. 
I'm even MORE inspired after watching this video. 
Gosh, I've no idea why am I so emo after watching it!!
I'm just so into it that I keep repeating it.
I truly hope we as Malaysian can make contributions in this.

Well, earth hour is basically all about reduce the energy consumption and make a difference. Earth Hour began in 2007 in Sydney. 2.2 millions homes and businesses swithched off their lights for an hour. And now in 2009, it is being taken up to the next level with the goal of 1 million people switching off their lights as part of the global vote. Vote? It's not some kind of election in the history, which you vote for a party or even country. Instead, it's for the planet you're from!!! Omg, I'm just too excited for it. LOL. I'm so excited everyone around the world is taking part, and I'm one of them. Woots!! So are you guys in or what?

So switch off your lights on this satuday(28 March) wherever you are!! If you don't think you can make a difference, let's look at this photo. Ain't that cool?

Toronto 2008


So guys, VOTE EARTH simply by switching off your lights for an hour (8.30-9.30pm) this Saturday night. Haha I wonder how the Fahrenheit's concert will be going on. Can they off the lights? LOL. The fans would definitely oppose for can't see their lovely and handsome idols huh?

Let's make a difference!! Join Earth Hour!!!

Omg looks like glow in the dark thingy.
I heart glow in the dark =P

By the way, anyone have any idea where to get the tee for the Earth Hour? Aiks, perhaps I'm just too late to get one since it's just around the corner. It would take days for the shipping from oversea. =(

I heard the online, google will turn it's light off on homepage in recognition of the Earth Hour. Cool~ Hmm would it be? I'm curious. ^^

Haha I'm planning for this Saturday night. What can I do during the Earth Hour period? Hmm perhaps some candle light dinner? Sounds great huh? Who wanna join me? =P

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hot Air Ballooon Fiesta

I went for this Hot Air Balloon Fiesta!! Malaysia is hosting the 1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta from March 19 to 22. There are pilots from 19 countries participated in this event. There are 20 standard shaped of hot air balloons and 5 special shaped of hot air balloons which you can see from the above. There are also other flying events featuring para-motor, remote-control planes, helicopters, aero models and professional kite-flying.

On the way to the fiesta~ 
So excited to see so many hot air balloons in the sky!! 
Look at them, so tiny!!! =P

Closer look for one of them~
We stopped in the midway when we spot this landed somewhere
 on the way to fiesta.

We planned to take a ride of the hot air balloon. Anyhow, we were so upset when they announced that the tickets for the ride have been all SOLD OUT!! Even the tickets for the next day have been sold out. Sigh. So no rides for us. We just looking around the fiesta. It was very crowded.
~ Hot Air Balloon (Malaysia's) ~

Look at the crowd~

♥ Casley and Melanie 

Went to my sis's office after that. She has tonnes of work to be done and I'm there to accompany her for more than 6 hours. I was freaking BORING!! Spent my time camwhoring. Oh yeah thx for accompanying me by texts, or else I'll be dead of boredom. You know who you're. So below are my OUTCOMES of camwhoring. =P 


* Take 1 *
Camwhore > <

* Take 2 *
Puffy Ching Ching

* Take 3 *
Wink-wink Casley 

What's your mood today?

* No eye see * =P

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

For lonely and unloved~

Sometimes, it takes being away from someone to
realise how much you really need them in life.

Behind every untrusting girl
is the guy that made her that way.
       Out of all the lies u told... Pictures, Images and Photos
I want him out of my mind,
but I need him in my heart.

She won't call you. You have to call her.
She won't come talk to you. You should go talk to her.
She loves you more than you can imagine,
      no matter how much she doesn't show it.
But you boy, you need to show her how much you love her
      so she isn't afraid to show it back.

I watch the walls around me crumble
but it's not like I wont build them up again
so here's your last chance for redemption
so take it while it lasts cause it will end
      [over-Lindsay Lohan]

Monday, March 16, 2009

Japanese Classroom

No idea whether you guys have watch this or not.
Because I watched it years ago when my sis showed me this.
So glad that I manage to find and watch it once again today.
This is the first vid in youtube that made me laugh like hell.
Even my family can't stop laughing.
Hope you guys will be the same. Enjoy~

My favourite part is ~ 3:40
Try not to laugh if you can.
I failed somehow.
That's truly HILARIOUS!!
Poor 远藤, I can see that's very painful.

Who's the one?

Just finished watching OTH. 
Nothing special this episode.
But it has a very good starting.

It sounds like this:
Who's the one crosses your mind firstly 
when you woke up early in the morning?

Hmm maybe I can put it in another way.
Who will you be thinking of when you're going to fall asleep?
When you're lying on the bed. 
Half way to your dreamland.
And still, have someone in your mind.
Hoping someone is thinking of you too.
Wondering what is she/he might doing?
Is she/he doing well?
And feels like want to share your feeling with.

How about you guys?
Aha, thinking of someone?
Your beloved ones.
Keep the answer with you.

Going to bed soon, I think.
Oh yeah, I'm going to think about mine soon enough. LOL.
Nitez everyone!!! Muacks!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Art class

Planned to go everywhere during this holiday.
But aiks..hmm..

Going to lib starting tomorrrow. 
Hope I'm not going to fall asleep again.
Don't slack. And don't go back home early.
Jia you jia you! =P

Boring. So here's the post about my art class.
Kids are too boring with drawing and colouring.
Did some handicrafts today.
Perhaps that's childish.
But my kids love it!! =P

My lovely Jessica with her new hair style~
She cried badly as her dad forced her to cut her hair short.

My sweetie Yi Yan~

Look like cat? LOL~


Am not going to update so frequently after this.
Will away from blogging for a while.
BUT I'll be back!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy White Valentine's Day!!

Yeah Happy White Valentine's Day~
So it's quote's time again.
Quotes in pic this time.

♥ It matters 

♥ Follow the heart 
My mind made mistake

You're not