Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour @ KLCC

Support the Earth Hour!!

Just back from KLCC. So pleased to see KLCC lights off for an hour supporting the Earth Hour. It was awesome. You can see the lights went off begin from the top to the bottom's. So cool man!! I'm glad that I didn't miss out this moment. =P

Some of my friends are surprised that I still having the 'mood' to go out during this very moment (as exam is just around the corner). What I told them was I just can't miss such important event. Haha maybe not for you, but I truly like this kind of event. And since this is the first time Malaysia is having this so meaningful event, I'm sure not going to miss this!!! Anyway, I'm not going to write too long. Save time for studying. Actually I've took video of this. But don't know what the deuce happened, I just can't view it. I should use digicam instead of this crap phone camera. Urgh. So I'll just let the photos do the talking. Enjoy. ^^
From the park~evening

Closer look

So nice!!
So many people were waiting there,
prepared themselves with the camera.

Taken from the internet

Before Earth Hour

The lights went off from the top part

Then, the second level

And then, the whole KLCC went into darkness!!
Climax of all~

Even the restaurants were taking part in the Earth Hour
Candlelight dinner, so romantic~ not for me =P
Thumbs up anyway!!


theng said...

omg,it's cool..
so bad tat day i was in malacca..
n sum more my public bank did off the lights oso..
cool man..
btw,i like the restaurant wif oni candle light..
is sooooooooo SPECIAL n romantic..hehe..

Casley said... was reli cool..
u've no idea how HIGH i was at that moment.. I was in total craziness..

hehe nvm, u can experience it next year..haha dun forget to get a companion for candlelight dinner..reli romantic lor..wahahaha..

theng theng, u're having exam oso by the moment right? or finish jor? we go gai gai or sing k after exam,k? =P

theng said...

me exam start from 13th april lohh..yaya,wait til i back,i wan go gai gai n sing k..btw,me nw at kl..too stress in mlc..come bek refresh myslef..

Casley said...

huh? my last paper is on 6th april.. which means another 2 days nia.. then u start having exam pula..=(

hehe but good that u're now in kl.. so ler hor, if u're too stress, i acc u go movie or sing k!!! wahahahha..

theng said...

i wana go bek on sunday jor lahh..jz bek 4 awhile oni..
wana go out nt much time..sad..

Casley said...

so fast jau go back ar..
sigh..then have to wait till u finish exam..when u finish ur exam? by the time u finish, probably im preparing for the 'real' exam in may..=(

theng said...

my exam ends on 29th april..n i wil b bac on 30th april o 1st may lohh

Casley said...

haha okok..then stil can make it..
i wil be having the what-so-called real exam in mid of may..

so YES!! we stil can go gai gai..waahaha..evil me, so happy coz my exam going to end tmr!! XD

theng said...

yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, me jealous jor

Casley said...

wakaka..dun jealous..u stil have time to thats good, u can prepare better..unlike me, im going to have exam in another 6 hours, yet im online now..

till then, im going to ask u out!!!^^