Sunday, March 22, 2009

Earth hour!!! LIGHTS OFF!!!

I'm joining Earth Hour!!! How about you?
By the way, feel free to look at this video. 
I'm even MORE inspired after watching this video. 
Gosh, I've no idea why am I so emo after watching it!!
I'm just so into it that I keep repeating it.
I truly hope we as Malaysian can make contributions in this.

Well, earth hour is basically all about reduce the energy consumption and make a difference. Earth Hour began in 2007 in Sydney. 2.2 millions homes and businesses swithched off their lights for an hour. And now in 2009, it is being taken up to the next level with the goal of 1 million people switching off their lights as part of the global vote. Vote? It's not some kind of election in the history, which you vote for a party or even country. Instead, it's for the planet you're from!!! Omg, I'm just too excited for it. LOL. I'm so excited everyone around the world is taking part, and I'm one of them. Woots!! So are you guys in or what?

So switch off your lights on this satuday(28 March) wherever you are!! If you don't think you can make a difference, let's look at this photo. Ain't that cool?

Toronto 2008


So guys, VOTE EARTH simply by switching off your lights for an hour (8.30-9.30pm) this Saturday night. Haha I wonder how the Fahrenheit's concert will be going on. Can they off the lights? LOL. The fans would definitely oppose for can't see their lovely and handsome idols huh?

Let's make a difference!! Join Earth Hour!!!

Omg looks like glow in the dark thingy.
I heart glow in the dark =P

By the way, anyone have any idea where to get the tee for the Earth Hour? Aiks, perhaps I'm just too late to get one since it's just around the corner. It would take days for the shipping from oversea. =(

I heard the online, google will turn it's light off on homepage in recognition of the Earth Hour. Cool~ Hmm would it be? I'm curious. ^^

Haha I'm planning for this Saturday night. What can I do during the Earth Hour period? Hmm perhaps some candle light dinner? Sounds great huh? Who wanna join me? =P

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