Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to Hua Hua!!!

My coursemates and I celebrate Hua's birthday (a surprise birthday to be more precise) in advance. This is due to her birthday drops on 14 march which almost all of them are back to their hometown as the holiday begins. I suggested 4Happy Seasons as the environment there is great. Luckily they all found it is special compares to other restaurants and love it very much. We spent so many hours there. Dinner, play cards, chit chat, and camwhoring. Haha we took 150++ photos. Great huh? Photos are taken by me, Huahua(mama) and Albert(baba).

Happy birthday, pretty~

Hua hua's bday cake

Jervene and PuiSan~
so shy to face the camera =P

It's bloody cold there as they maintain the temparature inside around 15°C. Luckily they remember to bring jacket as I told, 'cause I still remember how cold it was when the first time I came here. Haha winter indeed. If you have forgotten to bring your jacket, Albert has an alternative way of warming yourself instead of jacket. That is covering yourself with the lab coat!! LOL~ I have no idea why Albert brought his lab coat to college as there is no lab practical today. Perhaps he has the 6th sense of needing lab coat to warm himself. XD

How to wear a lab coat in a very cold situation~
* TAKE 1 *

* TAKE 2 *

* TAKE 3 *
And look at VeeLer's (our da jie) expression. LOL!!!

Now, let us focus at Ah ma's (ChenKun) dish. Can you see the colourful vegetables which she put aside? That's what she had pick them out, readily to feed the hungry rubbish bin. Haha Yuyu (YeeYan) managed to take the pic of her dish. And I'm going to upload the pic.

The initial look of Ah Ma's dish

Yeah the colourfuls at the rightside is 
the one she omitted from the rice
It looks somehow like another part of the dish huh?

* The funniest pic of te day *
I don't know how I took this pic~
It's a total candid!!
Too bad can't see clearly the rice 'hanging' on his lip
Shh..don't tell albert~ XD

We kept camwhoring whole day. Even the waitors are quite fed up with us. We made up 90% of the total noise in the restaurant. And we do think we're gonna be in the black list. Haha who cares? Evil me.
Our 'dou san' here~
How are you going to beat her?
Look at her cards. The smallest is 9 !!!

Yay victory!!!
Even Ah Ma got no energy to bother~

Casley and Eling with the snowy white xmas tree~

After dinner, we went to other seasons for camwhoring.





This is my favourite photo of all. So do others, I think. Can hardly recognise our hands. I only manage to recognise my hand as I'm the one that took it. Can't even recall who stands next to me. Sorry. So here it is, best pic of the day!!! Yay!!

Best pic of the day~

Our legs~

Very nice background, with my hand~ ^^

The moon~ so bright and round
Can't share with one who lost in the ocean of people

There is a video coming up next. Have to get it from Albert. Stay tuned for more interesting scenes.

P/S: Thanks to my mum to sent us there. Love you mummy, muacks!!


L1nG L1nG said...

Fantastic photos!!! I can tell that you had a great time with your friends. You look very different in 12th photo too =P I bet you know what is the difference >__<

Casley said...

Thx thx!! ^^
yaya..i really enjoy that day..
had so much fun!!!
We'd actually took even more photos than i updated here..
but im juz worry that the more photos i upload, the more time it takes for loading..

haha different? *scratching my head* hmm u mean me in braces? =P