Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy White Valentine's Day!!

Yeah Happy White Valentine's Day~
So it's quote's time again.
Quotes in pic this time.

♥ It matters 

♥ Follow the heart 
My mind made mistake

You're not




theng said...

ching, i reli like ur quotes lehh..
pls do update more often..
hehe.. bt then i wil b the copycat oso more often..hehe..
add 1 more quote in my msn's pm..
the laz quote,like it vr much..
heard it when i listen 988 drama laz time..
vr meaningful..

Casley said...

Gosh, thx so much!!
Im reli reli happy that got ppl know 'yan siong' the quotes..

Haha i love quotes!!
Btw I don't mind at all..i would like to share with everyone..

Thx so much theng!! XD