Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hot Air Ballooon Fiesta

I went for this Hot Air Balloon Fiesta!! Malaysia is hosting the 1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta from March 19 to 22. There are pilots from 19 countries participated in this event. There are 20 standard shaped of hot air balloons and 5 special shaped of hot air balloons which you can see from the above. There are also other flying events featuring para-motor, remote-control planes, helicopters, aero models and professional kite-flying.

On the way to the fiesta~ 
So excited to see so many hot air balloons in the sky!! 
Look at them, so tiny!!! =P

Closer look for one of them~
We stopped in the midway when we spot this landed somewhere
 on the way to fiesta.

We planned to take a ride of the hot air balloon. Anyhow, we were so upset when they announced that the tickets for the ride have been all SOLD OUT!! Even the tickets for the next day have been sold out. Sigh. So no rides for us. We just looking around the fiesta. It was very crowded.
~ Hot Air Balloon (Malaysia's) ~

Look at the crowd~

♥ Casley and Melanie 

Went to my sis's office after that. She has tonnes of work to be done and I'm there to accompany her for more than 6 hours. I was freaking BORING!! Spent my time camwhoring. Oh yeah thx for accompanying me by texts, or else I'll be dead of boredom. You know who you're. So below are my OUTCOMES of camwhoring. =P 


* Take 1 *
Camwhore > <

* Take 2 *
Puffy Ching Ching

* Take 3 *
Wink-wink Casley 

What's your mood today?

* No eye see * =P

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