Friday, March 6, 2009

Moody + bad lunch

Gah~ Here's the stupid emo gal again.
She's up to something. Not to mention though.

The class dismissed earlier today.
Lecturer tries to slack around?
Nawh, we faced this problem quite a few times.
Yeah no power supply, no class.
Sometimes I just could not understand why people get so excited whenever there happens no electricity.
I mean from primary to secondary, and from secondary to college, all the same.
I can't see anything great doing with this.
Hmm.... How about you?
You're one of them?
Or you're with me? =P

Yay? Or Nawh?

Emo gal wants to eat ban mee so badly these days.
Mind you, ban mee for me is always at petaling street.
You will never see me eating ban mee else where. NEVER!!
Planned to go there this afternoon.
Mummy refused to go with me. =(
I was not really used to shop alone again anymore.
Is that a good thing or bad? No idea.
I kept complaining about ban mee in front of my mum today.
She can't stand it and ended up bought me McD as my lunch. Swt.

I just don't feel like indulging it~

I'm always that emo and keep saying those emo craps in front of others (note, just for certain people).
Congrates if you have seen me in emo, means you're 'close' enough to me.
BUT sorry, cause you have to bear with a mad gal.
I think 'some' devils have just rendered me to be so emo.
Their faults!! I hate them!!
Yeah lost faith~ caused me into trouble.
But not a bad thing?
This would be better for all. Or 2? Hmm..
Don't understand? Just ignore it.

P/S: Ban mee~Ban mee~Ban mee~Ban mee~Ban mee~

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