Thursday, March 5, 2009

Raining day + bad day!!

I broke my nail AGAIN!!
I used to broke my nail always as I keep them long for manicure purpose.

This time is the worst of all..
3/4 of my little finger aka pinkie nail has gone!!

Hurt? YES!!
Scary? YES!!
Bleed? YES!!
Sad? YES!!
Cry? NO!! (Though I wanted to..)

Well, how did this happened?
Blame the playful and cho lo (rude) Casley.
I was playing cards with my coursemates.
Played 'heart attack' during break just now.
I won the game but I continue to play as well.
Yeah, happened when everyone slapping their hands on the cards.
I can only feel the pain within my nail after everyone removed their hands.
*I should not continue playing after winning~regret*

Aiks, or perhaps I should think from another perspective.
I should feel grateful that it's a pinkie, not others.
Or else, I will be facing more problems.
Should I feel better now?
NO, I'm not okay, at all!!
It takes a very long time for my another 3/4 pinkie nail to grow back. =(
And I'm so scare to wash my hand now.
I know it will feel more painful if the wound encounters water.

CONCLUSION: Never play 'heart attack' anymore. I want to keep my fingers long for manicure. =P
Hungry~ Suddenly think of ban mee at Petaling Street. Ban mee ban mee~ T_T

These are the photos taken before I lost my pinkie nail!!!

Gan jeong ar~ =P

Haha Albert's super hand (mou ying sau? XD)

Plastered my pinkie during lecture =(
(Thx to Pui San for her Snoopy plaster, cute!)

I've just painted my pinkie blue and RED? 

My coursemates~my psycho gang showed some concern (creativity as well) TO MY PINKIE, not me. Haha.
It's funny. And thx guys, I feel better when I look at it. Pleasure to my pinkie. LOL. Really funny~

This is exclusively for my pinkie!!
With signatures somemore!! XD

1 comment:

Casley said...

hehe im always very gan cheong in this game..maybe bcoz im too 'well prepared', so able to win often lor..XD

haha becoz of my finger nails..i always keep my nails long enough for manicure..then i was once accidentally scratched my friend..then they said i looked like this is how i got the nickname~ miao miao..LOL!!!

we got many nicknames ah gong, ah ma, yuyu(fish),huahua(flower),miao miao(me =P)etc.. haha thats y we are named physcho gang as well...=P