Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thank You~

Someone gave me a surprise visit again.
Basically to give me something. 
But based on the msn pm, I found that it's just a reason. 
Am I right? =P
I'm here to thank this person.
This post is featuring you.
(Just like how you did in your blog XD)
I owe you too much.
Too much of THANK YOU I need to say.

♥ Cecelia Ahern ~ PS I love You 

Thanks very much for the novel.
I will treat you a dinner in return. 
Sounds great huh?
Heart this novel

Anyway, am not going to read the novel yet.
Cause trial is coming!!
Oh gosh, next week.

I'm honoured to be the first reader of your blog.
First post featured in addition.
What you wrote. How I made you heartbroken.
I feel guilty. Very. You know that.
Your good makes me an evil person, as I'd said.
Thanks for everything.
And sorry.

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