Monday, March 16, 2009

Who's the one?

Just finished watching OTH. 
Nothing special this episode.
But it has a very good starting.

It sounds like this:
Who's the one crosses your mind firstly 
when you woke up early in the morning?

Hmm maybe I can put it in another way.
Who will you be thinking of when you're going to fall asleep?
When you're lying on the bed. 
Half way to your dreamland.
And still, have someone in your mind.
Hoping someone is thinking of you too.
Wondering what is she/he might doing?
Is she/he doing well?
And feels like want to share your feeling with.

How about you guys?
Aha, thinking of someone?
Your beloved ones.
Keep the answer with you.

Going to bed soon, I think.
Oh yeah, I'm going to think about mine soon enough. LOL.
Nitez everyone!!! Muacks!!

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