Sunday, March 8, 2009

With darlings @ Feeling

Gathering with secondary buddies. Yeah at feeling cafe again. My request, since it is so near (not for Sharon though). It has been a while since I last met Sharon. Hehe lenglui jor. Not to mention Shiang, gain weight jor. =P
♥ Sharon and Casley 

Purposely upload this pic because of Shiang.
Look at his expression when Mun and I are camwhoring.
~FUNNY horny look of him~

Silly me~

3 of us played cards while waiting for Min. Hehe of course camwhoring as well. Mun (Sharon) and I took hours to finish our chicken chops. Hmm 2 hours or maybe even more than that. She made a wrong decision on the food. So, take note, don't order Maryland chicken chop at Feeling Cafe.

Dinner that took us ages to finish

I was quite excited to see a snooker (pool prehaps? I don't know how to distinguish, pasieh lah) centre inside feeling cafe. The place is not that dirty and smokey like some other places. So I actually feel more secure to play there actually. I planned to play with Shiang and Sharon. But we forgot about that as we kept playing cards. Anyone wants to play with me? PM me please.

Cards!! Yay~

Forgot what song they're singing..
Useless to bring laptop along..
Play cards is enough for me =P

Finally, min joined us after she had dinner with her family. She looks great in her straightened hair. And new hair style. Cool~ I think it's time for me to get rid of my old fashion hair style as well. Hmm should I cut it short? =P

Lovely darlings~
♥ Mun mun, Ching ching and Min min 

Puffy Casley~

Haha Min tries to kiss me~ Im so hang fuk~ XD

Mun's boyfriend came to fetch her back. Not forget to mention here that he looks handsome and smart. Match perfectly with Mun. Hehe sorry guys, these 2 gals Mun and Min have been taken. BUT not me!! Not yet for me. Haha anyone? Kidding~ =P


theng said...

walao, shiang reli..........
live gud eat gud in kl, then become like tis..
nvm,such body size oni looks like rich ppl..

Casley said...

yalah i got even more pics of his that reli look super duper big size..but better keep it for myself..later no ppl wants to read my blog..LOL..

he is rich enough mah..haha thats y he has the size like that..shiang is going to kill us for 'discussing' bout his size..LOL!!!

theng said...

wah,then next time show me using msn sharing folder,i wana c..hehe..
i nt,when i back,he slim down,i cnt c jor..wakakaka.

Casley said...

haha sure..i put them into the sharing folder jor..

haha u think he will slim down after u're back? LOL!!!! will see..hahahahha..evil me..XD

theng said... giv pressure 2 him then oni he wil success..hehe..