Thursday, April 2, 2009

Coffee time~

Went to Starbucks with aunt.
I've always enjoy chatting with her.
A good listener and a very helpful friend.
Note that, not just aunt. We are more than that!! +P
Thank her for everything (though she's not going to read this).
Hmm why am I so relax during this very moment of exam?
Still having the mood to Starbucks for coffee?
I've actually ordered the cold one with extra whipped cream.
See what the new stuff gave me? Sigh~

My lovely aunt

Me me me

Guess what? We LOST the car park ticket!!
My aunt was so careless that she actually put it 'somewhere' else but claimed that she had put it into her handbag.
We spend more than half an hour looking for the ticket.
Well, we actually don't really want to pay rm20 for the lost ticket.
We are not stingy!! Hmm well, may be a litlle. =P
Haha I asked my aunt not to pay for that extra rm20.
Besides, my aunt was so convinced that she put it in a very 'safe' place.
SO, we went back to the pay station in case we dropped it there.
Yet, we can't find it in the car and near the pay station.

We are so fed up till I thought of some 'good' idea.
I went back to the machine where you can get the ticket when you enter the mall along WITH YOUR CAR.
Haha. Yeah I went to that machine and hoping to get another ticket.
BUT~ I failed!! The machine somehow know I'm not in the car and reluctant to give me ticket huh? I must say myself very BRAVE as there are 2 CCTV focusing on me. Who cares? Bo song ar? Catch me lah. Wahahaha~ Naughty Casley!!! XD
Prankster of the day ~ car park ticket ><

And by the time, my aunt checked her car once more. And FINALLY found it somewhere around the narrow area near the hand brek. *phew* Can't wait to get ourselves out of there. BUT (yeah but again), the machine just reluctant to accept the parking ticket. This is because we have spend more than 20 minutes which the autority allows you to have in the car park after you pay for the ticket. Argh, how can this happened to me? Anyway, we finally get our butts out of there after PAY again for the same ticket.
My cute cute aunt


Damson said...

dont start calling you aunt careless, since you are the ladies inherited the same careless genes hahahaha....

Casley said...

fuyoh, sound like guys wont careless hor? everyone is careless.. so do u bro!! wahahaha...

Damson said...

yes sis, i do admit that i am careless, sometimes....not like someone, SHE seems to be CARELESS...MOST OF THE TIME!!!!! so do take care of yourself k? I do hope that you wont WAKE ME UP again WHEN THE NEXT THING I FOUND OUT WILL BE THAT YOU LOST YOURSELF IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE...hahaha

Casley said...

LOL.. the SHE is ME?

i seriously hope not!!! i dunwan such thing to happen again.. haha but i dun mind to wake up for no purpose.. =P

Damson said...

swt....u wanna wake me up for no purpose...thats alright...beware that i call you in the middle of the night to remind you about toilets...