Monday, April 6, 2009

Fast and Furious 4!!!

Whoohoo~ Finally the exam is over. And it's time to have fun of course!!! My coursemates and I went to Timesquare for movie. Fast and Furious 4!!! OMG nice nice nice!!! A must-watch movie!!! Haha but only for those people like me who loves extreme stuff. Gosh, why am I so tomboy huh? I'm just so into adventures, car racing, X games etc. Sky diving, parachute, bunjee jump blablabla are all in my wishlist. Haha I'm such a freak!!!

Casley + YeeYan

With Albert baba

You can hardly see me laughing like this in a picture
especially with the braces!! XD

*Phew-phit* Albert with fake eyelash~
Nice pic nice pic!!!
Thanks to the creative photograher

Sleeping iguana

Have no idea why these 2 parrots
hanging upside down in the cage

"What are you looking at?"
So adorable~

Okay, back to the topic. The cars aren't that nice compare to Tokyo Drift (for me lah). But I do think the overall of it is much better than Tokyo Drift. And I think it's the best among the 4 fast furious. My heart skips every beat of it from the beginning till the end. The opening is so cool and nice!!! I was so obssessed even from the beginning. I was trying so hard to keep my eyes open big enough so I won't miss a scene. And eventually my eyes are so painful because they drive so fast and my eyes are just rolling along with their cars in such high speed. Wahaha~ Yeeyan and I were just like 2 mad gals screaming inside the theatre. Haha so join us only if you're that crazy like us. Or else, perhaps you will just pretend 'oh-who-is-this? I don't know her'. Wahaha~

Heart this movie

These 2 guys ar, really funny!

Mission of stealing petrol tanks


There are quite a number of nice phrases from FF4.
I feel bad 'cause I can only remember some of them.

Anyway I love the part where 4 of the competitors racing to get into the deal.
It's just like playing the virtual racing game.
"Please make a U turn if possible". LOL!!
Argh, I wana watch it again!!! =P


PS: 20% angel, 80% evil for Letty
(100% angel for Casley!!! LOL!!!)


Soh Lou B said...

y u use my phew phit huh?? hv to pay me royalty u know? fuyoh!!

and, SOMEONE go watch FnF4 also din ask me to join!! *stab'ing*

Casley said...

wah only u can use phew phit now ar? i used it before the day u're born!! =P

helo~ look at the date.. i went to watch that day after my exam, i told u, u forgot jor? poor memory.. u wan watch? then next tues lah..^^

Soh Lou B said...

before the day i'm born?? ah haa!! gotcha!! u r really older than me, OLD LADY!!

i mean, u rather go with ur fren also don't ask me to go!!

and, i got news for u.. one is good and another one is bad news.. which one would u prefer to know first? OLD LADY!!

Casley said...

grr.. old lady again.. dun let me have the chance to complain to ur mum.. huh..

haha u wan join us? KL wor.. that time was monday somemore..

hmm the bad one first.. AND....IM NOT OLD LADY!!! u reli got eye sight problem.. such pretty angel call old lady.. but 'da ren you da liang', i wont blame u.. =P

Soh Lou B said...

if u request to me for giving u a chance to complain, sure, for sure i will approve!

bad news is, u talk too much in my blog.. i'm gonna stab u..

the good one is, u won't feel pain.. my knife is sharp enuf!! whuahahahaha!!

Casley said...

i dunwan complain jor.. speechless.. hurt jor.. dunwan later somebody complain i've talk too much.. =X

Soh Lou B said...


Damson said...

Duh~~ Sis, you are kinda...a fusion of a kid and old, but then do remind me that you are not an angel ok? Ive pick you up from streets and send you home, you do looks like a pure homo sapiens to me.....and FnF are devastating girl...I agree with it...and about the parrots, they are trying to get smarter by letting the blood circulate their bird brains...faster...

Casley said...

gah..u oso wan bully me.. fine lor, im a homo sapien.. a pure one.. =(

hehe thx for the ride by the great to see u..and i have to say it was so coincident to see u once i step out of there..

wow to inhance blood circulation? reli? i've no idea bout that.. u're so smart!! =P

Damson said...

Duh....I sarcasted are even sarcastic than me...such a sis...way to go girl~
Was that a coincidence? Actually I am stalking you...haha..I am a good guy from the outside and very evil from the inside...mind me 1 day I will eat you down and you wont even know what happened hahahahaha~~~~~

Casley said...

gah what makes u think im sarcastic? hmm do i?

wow stalk me pula..sound so scary.. evil bro.. huh my mum will find u at first if anything happen to me.. u better watch out!!! =P

Damson said...

nah...she wont know what happens to evil guy will do his job evilly and never left a single sign of evil evil...

L1nG L1nG said...

WA!!! I also want to watch the movie!!!


Casley said...

nono, i tel her if ANYTHING happens to me, the first u gotta find is thye.. he's the culprit.. hehe.. u're 100% evil.. LOL!!!

Casley said...

ling, go watch if possible.. this is very nice.. this definitely much much better than the tokyo drift, and for me its the best among 4 fast and furious.. reli yeng lor..haha im still very high now.. ^^