Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Juen!!!

Happy birthday to my lovely darling, miss Looi Ley Juen. Anyway, let me complain about what happened just now. Everyone who knows me well, I'll always greet one's birthday right at 12am. This time, I called earlier at 11.30pm so we can chat longer till 12am to wish her in time. BUT!!! Tsu Shan knew I'm going to call his wife earlier, AND he purposely called before me so I can't call through!!! Ish. Sorry for the complain. Luckily she isn't going to read this. Haha but anyway I still manage to wish her in time via text.
This is the first photo she ever sent to me. AGES ago. 
Luckily she isn't going to read this. Or else... couldn't imagine. XD

We've really been through a lot through years to gain this BEST FRIENDSHIP. Classmates since Form2. 'Cook porridge' almost everyday. I'm thinking what we used to chat and all I can say is we're laughing like nobody's business on the phone. Totally mad gals. And when she wanted to call someone, she dialled my number instead. She's just too used of dialling my house phone number that time(terminated eventually though). We were in the same societies. And we were so proud of it. Evil me. That's interesting. Let's see. (That's how we spend all the time together.) Syok sendiri. You can neglect this. XD
Counselling Club- me(president), she(vice president)
Art Club- me(secretary), she(president)
SPBT- me(secretary), she(vice president)
See, so many president positions this gal held. All got cheated with her 'berkaliber' look. Wahaha~ Anyway, still very proud of it. =P

Oh gosh we look so kiddo here!!!
I don't really wanna post this photo.
I look ... argh.. so not me!!!
But I can't really find other photos of both of us.
We should've take more photos. =( 

Thanks very much to dear that believe in me and gave her support when those god damn talebearers backstabbed me and made up some silly stories, insane bitches!!! And also, thanks to get rid some guys for me. Haha she's very good in that. AND, the most IMPRESSIVE- ahem, am I using the right description for that? Ah, whatever. Well, this is the time she made me feel most touched of all. I've finally told her the truth of my relationship(when it's ended so long after that and I hid from her, sorry), and she's even more emo than me. I was shocked that she kept scolding *** and crying instead of me!!! I think this is what a best friend called. Someone that really concern about you and will cry for your sadness. Here she is. =P 

Oh boy, that's so much to say. Am I going to write that long? Better not, or else I would end up writing up to a thousands words of it. I've spend too much time online and my mum is totally pissed off. Better halt it.

Happy birthday to Juen once again. 
Friendship Forever!!! Love ya!!! Muacks!!! ^^



Damson said...

......thanks to her, never thanks to me....no gratitude....i am sad...you kept contact with them while i really lost contact even with tzu shan...its been a long time since everyone meet like the old times...she cried for you? now i came to think of it....i am the bastard which didnt cry for you...hahahahaha....damn me....

happy birthday juen! although you dont seems to remember me, and your hubby which has lost his memory on us...but i still sincerly wish you happy birthday...(god knows that she wont read this post but thats better coz ive left some comments on her..hahah)

Casley said...

hey how could u said so? i did thank u.. upset u said im not gratitude.. =(

i think tzu shan lost contact with everyone else, except juen bah.. haha..

LOL.. i'll say thanks on behalf of her.. coz she's not going to read this..

Anonymous said...

hey... juen here. who say i not going to read this. dunno y suddenly caht wif my friend bout best friend. i told them my best friend is ching. then i on my facebook n show them ur photo. but the lousy line at my hostel not allow me to view any photo. so, maybe is fade, i think of showing my friend ching's blog. once i get into this page. huh...... sincerely... extremely touch.... tear wanna drop again. really... thanks ching!!!! when i saw u write something bout us, huh... is very surprise. very touch... though u seldom contact, but i always thinking of u. really. n thye!!!!! shan n me still remember u!!!!! is true!!!! wouldn't forget u. believe us. haha. nw too emo. my lovely ching!!!!! this is the best birthday present from u. thanks very much!!! thanks. when u nid somobody to listen to u, i'll always be there for u!even when i am busy same like last time, if can, i'll 'protect' u. hehe. my daer friend................ friendship forever. send my regards to ur family. misss them a lot. especially ur mom.

Casley said...

OMG OMG OMG!!! u're here!!! gosh i never tot u're going to read my blog.. what a surprise!!!

sorry ar, i wrote juz too little.. i juz realise we have too much of stories that can be written here..but phew, its ady very long for this post..wahahahha..

im glad u see this, though i've put ur photo here without asking ur permission..im so worry u're gonna see this then kill me..luckily u're not..hahahhah..

see how much i love u now? u're always in my heart, my dear.. im grateful to have u as my best friend.. FRIENDSHIP FOREVER!!!! muacks!!!! ^^

Damson said...

still sad....only mentioned that you two remember...no action....and ching...not you dont have...I DONT RECIEVE THE GRATITUDE....since when you blog of me within 1 post so darn long? no u didnt....so sad.....hahahahaha

Casley said...

not even you did that to me k? n now u're blaming me.. i've asked u out to treat u for movie- u watched them all.. u sms me said u're boring, i acc u sms though i was tired that night.. then i said wan treat u to sing k- but u said wan study for exam.. then what m i suppose to do?

im so sad that u said so.. im feeling grateful to have u as a friend.. n now look at what u said.. u said i dun have gratitude!!! =(

Anonymous said...

hehe. the photo is ok. because that time still consider 'slim'. haha...... nw very fat lo. not dare meet u all. haha. happy u still remember our stuff. honestly. almost tear drop in front of my friend. haha.....

Damson said...

Since when did I really blog about people? nope i dont...and I dont know where to start either, maybe you tell me how so that i blog 10 posts about you...and get a boyfriend vacancy for ya...hahahaha.....no I am not blaming you...you have all the gratitude...and you need to pull up your socks too...haha

Casley said...

fuyoh bf vacancy for me? haha no need bah.. =P

dun worry, i'll blog about u soon enough.. btw, i dun wear socks.. i wear flip flop lately.. hahahha..

Casley said...

juen~ u're so funny.. SLIM pula.. i wonder how u look like now.. u sound like very terrible nia..

hahaha of coz i stil rmb.. thats our memory.. i wont forget de.. =P