Thursday, April 2, 2009

Here I am!

Exams can never stop me from blogging. So true huh?
Well, just because I find that keep studying is way too boring.
Hehe but I don't mind facing my laptop whole day. =P

Gah how can I get rid of this mundane and BORING life?
I'm so boring with my current look by the way.
Perhaps I should really have a new hair style.
I hate my current dull hair style.
But I'm lazy to take care of it. Ish.
Or should I consider the afro-hair? LOL!!!
Okay, I'm a lil queer in the head.
This is the outcome of having exam meh.

Can imagine the way I look in that hair style? XD
Even my family can't recognise me being an afro

Oh yeah, I have my what-to-do list finally.
To reanimate myself!!!
I'm dying. Not because of stress.
It's dying from boredom. 
I even have the gotta-watch-movie list. 
You can now know how much I'm expecting to get over the exams.
Some of them are not really possible.
Lack of time, money and suitable companion.
Hoho whatever. It ain't gonna stop me from outings.
I'm so gonna ask you guys out. =P

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