Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm not suppose to be here!!!


Soh Lou B said...

yes! never ever give up!

pity u no one leave u comment..

Casley said...

yes!! never ever!!
thx thx!! surprised ppl who mou sam like u oso will said so.. wahahaha.. kidding lah..

yalor, no ppl leave comment.. my readers are shy, simply hidden at a corner.. thx for spamming my comment box.. XD

Damson said...

i am not shy bout spamming...or leaving comments...just final is here and i have less time reading blogs...even i dont have any entries remind me to blog again sometime though...toodles!!!

p/s : good for you who never gives up....but sometimes u need to know your limit too k? i dont wanna visit you at somewhere weird...

Casley said...

ah, not have be shy with me thye.. u're always welcome to spam around my blog.. oh yeah, mee too- not having much posts lately.. all the best in ur exam.. ^^

my limit? hmm not reli sure what u're sayin..? mind to tell me more in detail? hmm somewhere weird? such as? hahahaha im too blur, paiseh lah.. =P

theng said...

sumwher weird?me wonder whr it is oso..