Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pc Fair

Pc fair is back again. I've told myself not to buy anything as I've spend too much lately. I've begin to worry about the coming cc debt. =( It's going to be a short post as I've some problem deals with the bad broadband connection. Gah no idea what the heck happen to it.

So crowded
Tourists were there to take photos with KLCC as background

People mountain people sea~
I was badly sandwished ><

These 2 gals caught my eye

This guy's so shy!!

Met a few friends there. Met PChuen also, can hardly recognise him. He looks different. And this is a compliment. =P

Let me present my ancestor~ Tyrannosaurus
So don't mess with me!! *roar*

Casley + Kenny

Jam inside KLCC car park
Time for camwhoring =P

Poseur Kenny~

This young man tends to play the music in very high volume. I have to yell when chatting inside the car. Anyhow the LOUD music made me feel like going clubbing. LOL~ Anyone?


Soh Lou B said...

wow.. my frenz asked me to go for PC FAIR, but since i got nth to buy i went to watch movie with another gang.. whuahaha..

OLD LADY is not allowed to clubbing.

Casley said...

what u watched? FF4? nice ler?

grr.. wat OLD LADY.. im still so young.. young and attractive.. wahahahah..

Soh Lou B said...

nope! ofcoz not ff4 coz u gonna treat me watch soon y.. y i still waste my money leh.. right? i wathced shinjuku incident and knowing.

Casley said...

LOL.. pity me.. treat u movie.. but thats fine coz u're going to treat me dinner, right? haha.. =P

i din watch shinjuku n knowing.. how izzit? nice?

Soh Lou B said...

i will tell u about the movie if u treat me movie + brunchnerper.. deal?

Casley said...

LOL.. brunchnerper again? u so greedy.. i can save my money treating u brunchnerper and go watch that 2 movies instead.. =P

Damson said...

You never said to treat me such~~ I wan movie and brunchnerper...wateveritis...hahahaha

Casley said...

OMG see wat u did lah ah boy.. now everyone wan claim from me.. > <

Thye, i rmb i owed u movie for sure.. but u watched all ady, FF4, shopaholic, shinjuku blablabala..

i actually wan ask u for shopaholic, but u watched ady.. i wan shopaholic!!!!

Damson said...

I dont care I just wan it!!! I WAN BRUNCHNERPER!!!!! *lao gai

Casley said...

wah u guys reli wan treat me like that meh? pity me.. AH BOY, U BETTER WATCH OUT!!! ><

haha thye, u wan brunchnerper? then come my hse.. no need go out n waste money.. ask from my mum.. wahahaha..