Friday, April 17, 2009

♥ Princess Casley ♥

Owh okay, don't complain about the title above. 66
I can hear some of you guys mumbling over there. =P
At least I'm a PRINCESS in my sweet little family okay?
Haha well, something that actually made me to have such nice title.
Someone actually gave me a surprise visit and got me a novel.
Here it is~ The Princess Diaries!!!
I've always love Princess Diaries since I watched its movie.
(Anyway I prefer Princess Diaries 1 than 2 =P)
Anne Hathaway is simply gorgeous and lovely.
Here are some photos of her. Hehe~

Haha oh yeah, this is Anne Hathaway!!!
As a student before she turns into Princess Mia
Looks funny huh?

Princess Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo (Mia)
Phew, what a LONG name she've got

Did she melts your heart? =P

She's HOT!

and SEXY!!

Back to the topic.
This is the final one of the series.
The diary looks perfect with the colour pink and silver.
I love pink when it match with white or silver in this way. NICE~
Exactly like how a princess diaries should ever be.
The package is awesome.
It comes with the goodie bag with the Princess Diaries printed on it.
I'm glad to own one.
Love it so much!!!
THANK YOU so so so much!!!

My very own PRINCESS DIARY!!!
Together with PRINCESS FAIRY of my bed comforter XD
Perfect match

The pinkish cover of the diary

Princess Casley + Princess Fairy
*Okay, I heard someone is mumbling over there AGAIN =P*


Casley said...

owh well, before any one drops me a comment.. i would like to ask everyone else to ignore the comment below mine.. i know someone gonna complain me kaw kaw.. =P

Soh Lou B said...

!!hehc !!rew yelsac ssecnirp !!GMO

Casley said...

!!YEKNOM ytton mih llac nac syug uoy..tneduts ytton ym morf tnemmoc evitaerC!!LOL

Soh Lou B said...

im not ur student! im not monkey too!! fuyoh!! next time dont send u comment!!

Casley said...

u see, he lau gai ady..