Saturday, April 25, 2009


Went for a warehouse sale with sis and her friends. Now I've finally experienced some scenes which I watched in the Shopaholics. It was already crowded like hell when we reached there around 10am. I heard the security guard said some even reached there at 7am. Gosh the queue even lasts to a level below the sales area. Spotted many ladies with branded handbags, heavy make-up and strong scent of perfume. And yeah I spotted some very very PRO shopaholics which they have listed all what they're going to buy in a list. Fuyoh!! Really impressed me.

By the way, customers are not allowed to bring any handbags and even bottles into the sales area. We have to hand our belongings to the authorities to take care of them.  And also, no photography allowed at the sales area. Or else, I'm going to take numerous photos capturing how the gals were grabbing for the goods.

Products: Skincare, make-up, fragrance etc
Brands: Shu uemura, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Biotherm, Lancome etc

You're given a plastic bag before you enter to the sales area
Haha feel like in night market

♥ Mel Mel Mel 

Can't blame us for camwhoring there
It's way too boring of queueing for like, ages!!!

Princess Casley + Princess Melanie
*in KOH family* XD

Me and Eng Hui -having the same watch
What a coincidence~

Can you see the freaking LONG queue?
It is not end yet

Another part of the queue
Probably just 10% of it or even lesser than that

You can spot any branded hangbags here
LV, Couch, Gucci etcetera

Here's the outcomes for today!!!

And for those items above, we've spent .....










My jaw dropped when I saw the total

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