Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Oh yeah went for shopaholic today. Quite nice, there are many funny scenes. And I actually found that the actress looks alike Jennifer Aniston. They both look gorgeous, though I like Jennifer Aniston more. =P

Well, I guess gals have always wanted to be just like the actress in this movie. To buy anything you want. With the what-so-called MAGIC CARD. Haha great description for credit card. But I somehow don't find my credit card as a magic card 'cause there are always tonnes of cc debts following up next.
Camwhoring with the novel
*Confession of the Shopaholic*

After the movie, we headed to Madam Kwan's for dinner. Oh yeah, ordered its very well known nasi lemak, AGAIN. I've always order this everytime I'm here. Nevertheless, I'm just getting bored of it though it tastes really nice. That's why I eat till like wanna puke. Got to have something else next time. The bad habit has to be get rid of. > <

Ming Kiat

Yum yum nasi lemak
But better don't take it too often

Blablabla lamb chop
*forgot what it calls ><*

Hmm sales in coach? Full of shopaholics huh? Nah, there are 2 artists there ready to make you a caricature. Anyhow I think you'll only get your very own one if you SPEND on Coach products. Haha anyone would like me to draw you a caricature? Haha buy me drink or movie then. I will draw you the most handsome/pretty homo sapien in the world! Ahem sounds a LITTLE too bombarstic huh? XD

Successfully caught eyes of the passersby

Closer look

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