Friday, April 24, 2009


Okay I've been feeling so unwell these days, and you guys can still catch me online till late night. It's all because my mum is going to get this maxis broadband TERMINATED soon, end of this month. So, I'm going to fully utilised this while I still can!!! Sigh, can't online so frequent after this. What's more sarcastic from what mummy said was: "I rather let you spend more money to online at starbucks like last time than you're facing the damn laptop whole day and doing nothing!!!" Owh well well, I admit I've been facing laptop whole day. It's a routine, a must-do-routine. =P

Gosh I don't really want to terminate the line. You know, it's so inconvenience to online outside. Basically I don't go cyber cafe, it's just too noisy in there that the guys are yelling at each other with some nasty words coming out from their mouths when they're dota-ing. I enjoyed online at starbucks, but get too bored of that. I went there before I get this broadband almost EVERYDAY in that 2 months time. Haha and of course, I've spent so much just for the Caramel Machhianto. I don't want to go there, it's pathetic to go there and have coffee alone!!! Help~ Though I did enjoyed myself being alone there SOMETIMES. Note, it's just sometimes!!!

Argh, can't think much right now. Mummy seemed to be so determined in terminating this damn line. I'm sure not going to blogging so often after this. =( And you'll know where I'm suppose to be when I start blogging next month.
This picture says it all
I don't want!!! NO~
*sob sob*


Anonymous said...

always terminate this n that. last time is phone line. haha.... pity! ~ juen

theng said...

omg,so pity..
nvm, nxt time go starbuck cal me..
if i free, i teman u go..

dun terminate the line lahh..
if nt,i cnt c ching oways update blog jor..
then wat 4 i surfing net?
boring lohh tat time..

Casley said...

juen~ yalor, im so so cam.. =( now phone line talak, online oso talak.. hahhaha.. kesian lah..

Casley said...

theng, yaya sure.. u're having holiday now.. while im waiting to sit for exam.. ><

LOL.. i shud let my mum see ur comment.. wahahahha.. thx thx!!!

Soh Lou B said...

im back after my 'c yan ga kei'!! haha!!

regarding ur post, what i wanna say is.. BELLY GOOD!!! no internet, no life!! wuahaha!!

auntie, go go go!! i support u ah!! wuahaha!! evil me!!