Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blurry me

Went for facial.
Yeah my face is in terrible condition.
Never forget to get myself O'Briens @ KLCC.
Another toostie to be tried this time.
Taste great as usual. 

No photos of mine taken.
Won't going to expose my face condition now. =P
Even the toostie looks better than me. *drools*
Yum yum~~~~

PS: Thanks to Alien. 


theng said...

i nvr try the sandwiches u said b4..
i think i shud go try it since u praise it til sooooooooooooooo........
u know lahh..=P

Casley said...

give it a try..
bet u'll never regret..
but the price..ahem..
quite expensive compare to others..
but worth it all lor for me..=P

The ultimate toilet bowl - Jamban said...

went to see Auntie Belinda again? Ching ching, go to bed early, don't eat fried stuff, eggs and soy sauce and try not to stay up till midnight. I guess this is what she told you

Casley said...

Wow what a surprise comment.. PCB, only u will said so.. LOL..

haha that's what she told u as well, isnt it? =P

Damson said...

duh duh....i wonder why u need to do facial alot....hmmm....i dont think it is that important but usual you like sandwiches...turn to other stuffs than peanut butter and strawberry? hahahahahaha......jamban.....sounds familiar......

Casley said...

haha i need facial badly, thats y i always go for facial..

wow u still rmb peanut butter n strawberry.. geng ar.. my breaskfast everyday during secondary time.. everyone knows huh?

gah stop that jamban lah dear.. LOL!!! =P