Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chris's wedding

Congratulations to CHRIS!!! Bless the lovely couple~

I feel sorry that we aren't that close as before since sister and I were almost lost contact with them(cousins). Basically they moved to a further place- Kepong(and I consider that as FAR =P). Had a great time(dinner) there. They're so funny!!! Almost laughed my lungs out.

Mel~ flipping on the wedding album

Casley + Melanie 

Camwhore sisters =P

I made it myself =P

Me, daddy and mummy

Tea pouring session

So good, just get them a cup of tea
and you'll get BIG angpao in return =P

The bride and I

Chris and Mel

Julia, TB, Chris, Mel and Casley

YAM~~~~~~~~~~~~ SENG!!!!!!!!!!

Any cute guys? Hmm okoklah. The main problem is how come almost all of the guys there are smokers? Gosh, feel disgust no matter how good looking they are. Don't they realise their air pathway is constricted and may lead to chronic bronchitis or emphysema? Pardon my Bio theory. I'm out of my mind. 

Oh yeah, never forget to mention that they're all PRO drinker. Gosh they kept refilling the beer and wine as though they're refill for coke in McD!!! Even the females drink better than my dad ><  Of course, excluding my mum. What made me unhappy was some of them kept provoke daddy to drink. Okay, perhaps it's some kind of showing respect in their what-so-called-adult-way but I just feel bad to see daddy drinks. He's slightly tipsy eventually haha. While others, seemed so fine. They drink beer as though it's normal water or tea. Aiks whatever. 

Damn it, I just hate when people say I'm skinny!!!

PS: Ask me out for EAT EAT EAT. Need to put on some weight seriously. =(


theng said...

ching,teach me hw 2 set ur hair..
den i can set myself in the coming prom nite..
can save money..
i like the hairstyle..

Casley said...

Haha thx thx!!!
i like it too..
but takes time lor..

no problem, i'll teach u after the exam.. when is ur prom night? =P

theng said...

dunno yet.. after 1 o 2 months after i back to malacca bahh

L1nG L1nG said...

U look prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! I recognise the dress by the way, ngek ngek ngek =P