Friday, May 29, 2009

Jusco member's day

Hehe yaya, went shopping again. It was so so so crowded at jusco. You will knock on someone whenever you move a few inches. I'm not exaggerating kay? Don't feel like going again next year. I hate queueing up for almost an hour just to pay. Hmm another 4 digits $ gone this time. Thanks to me and sister- the shopaholics sista. =P

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm still not able to online at home. Gah~ So here I am, at Jusco McD. Gosh, I've been eating McD so frequently lately. Higher chance to get cancer huh? X_X

Paid visit to Theng who is currently working partime at Jusco. Funny her, made some complain-jokes on her yellowish 'uniform'.

Theng came to accompany me during her break time

Thiam + Theng

Never forget to take photo with my new friend =P

Haha she's going mad to serve some nuts customers
Go visit her blog and you'll get to see lotsa complains from her XD

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