Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kris Allen

I'm very sorry for the uber late updates. And now I managed to have 5 posts updated in merely a day. That's really a big flow of posts huh?

Basically I don't really watch all the episodes of American Idol. Just once in a while I can say. And, Kris Allen really attracts me with his performace tonight. First, he performed with piano, then followed by guitar. Oh boy, he's so charming. I like his smile. He's talented and definitely match to named as the American Idol.

Owh yeah, Danny has smiling eyes. Too bad, he's going home. Left Kris and Adam now. It's the finale that coming real soon!!!

Ahem, I can't find the photos of Kris which he performed tonight. I guess the photos aren't being uploaded yet. Well, these are the photos from the previous performance.

♫♪♫♪ Only youuuuuuuuu ♫♪♫♪ 

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