Saturday, May 30, 2009

Monsters vs Alien

It's bloody boring during exam period. Went for movie 'cause I can't stand the boredom anymore. BUT, it was damn crowded since it's saturday.

Can you see that?
LONG queue huh?

Here we go, the Monsters vs Aliens!!! I only got to know that it was the Monster vs Aliens Family Day Premier. Hehe how lucky we are that we were still able to get the tickets. The 3d effect is cool I must say. I was so amazed. Worthwhile to watch though it's pricey for me.
I like that blue thingy, B.O.B
It is described as a brainless, indestructible gelatinous blob
It is so cute!!! =P

Poseur 1

Poseur 2

Well, we faced some technical problem
which the movie stopped for around 5 minutes

Everyone is wondering what really going on
I was scratching my head too =P

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