Monday, May 11, 2009

Obama? Ronaldo?

Went to KLCC today. Did some silly things I assumed. Bought many useless stuff. I realised they shouldn't be with me, therefore I'm going to find them a new owner. ^^ Stay tuned for more details. 

By the way, many has asked me regarding my watch. Well, let's see what happen to it after I sent it for service. 
Operation failed? Nah~

It's okay
Going to use this 'new' one for the time being XD


Well, I'd actually bought a number of books, including novels and some non-fiction ones. AND I decide to discard two of them. Anyone a fan of Barack Obama or Christiano Ronaldo? If you are, then perhaps you'll be interested in this. Well, the book about Obama... Hmm I'm not really sure about the content. Basically, it's all about Obama's life story. It's 442 pages thick. If you're interested in reading his life story, pm me. Sorry, just the photo of the book cover was taken as it's all WORDSSS inside it. 
Change the world~ whoohoo~

I think this would probably attract some of you guys around. It's about Christiano Ronaldo!!! Ahem, I have no idea how come I bought this kind of books(regarding a president and a football player). Perhaps I'm utterly gone mad the time I paid for them. Well, this book is COOL. MORE pictures, LESS words. So colourful(the book) compare to the black and white of Obama's. ><>

The cover

Make it possible then
He really did it

"I feel so lucky, doing what I like the most"

Fuyoh he cooks? Wow~

Sexy poseur XD


PS: You know what to do if you're interested. Or else, they're going to rot on my bookshelf. ><
The way you made me moody. Sigh~ All the best

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