Saturday, May 2, 2009

~online ONLINE online~

Went to House Cafe with theng.  Finally I can enjoy online to maximum (from noon till night!!!) Whoohoo~ My mum hasn't termininate the broadband, but she hid the modem. =( 

Right choice to online @ House Cafe
High speed and very stable

Her giggles shocked me XD
* She busy msn + I busy sms *

Multitasking whole day~ sms, msn and studying. Of course, I'd spent the least time for the latter. LOL! Last but not least, still making wantans all the way while multitasking. I know it looks terrible with lots of disgusting tissue wantans on the table. The wantans are so much that I feel so bad to let the waiter to get rid of them. At last, I brought them all back home again, eww!!! (Couldn't find dustbin there ><) Sorry, theng. Hope you don't mind. 

By the way, Theng was so funny. I caught her giggling alone there when I was blogging. Haha anyway, I think I've know who's the culprit. Ahem~ =P


My maryland chicken chop

Her cheesy chicken chop

Camwhoring again

And again =P


theng said...

omg,i looks fat n ugly in the photo tat i bz nvm lahh,i'm nt pretty oso..hehe

Casley said...

where got?!!!
gosh u're being so humble!!!
i shud take a photo of u wearing short, to let u know that u arent fat at all!!! hahahaha~