Friday, May 8, 2009

Princess Mia

Sorry for the late update. Another boring post. Bear with my effing boring and busy (just for the very moment) life. Anyway more interesting post is coming up, I hope so. 

Well, just watched Princess Diaries 2 (fancy the PD 1 more though) on tv. Watched it years ago actually but I don't really remember a scene that actually quite surprised me in turn. The background song that's playing in the wedding of Mia. 
Lovely & gorgeous

The out-of-tempo-canon

Oh yeah, MY SONG again. But this time the canon in D is played in the choir form. Unlike the wedding of Lucas and Lindsay in OTH (my previous post) which is in piano. Instrumental is always preferable for me. Nothing much to say about. Just I heart this song so much. Everytime the song will be an issue for me regardless where and when it appears. Blablabla~ I should stop here anyway. Toodles~

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