Saturday, May 16, 2009


Feel bad. The way a friend treats me.
Used to be good I assume.
A nice friend I thought.
Look for a chat when I was moody.
But somehow I'm not welcomed.
And the way this friend replied...
I feel even worse.


theng said...

totali understand ur feeling..
i rmb i did told u i face the same prob as u laz time, rite?
n u comfort me n help me later den..
i stil rmb i feel so touched when u say u wil sure stay awake if ur fren come looking for u coz of sum prob..
soooo, next time gt prob n wan find sum1 2 confide in, find me if u think i'm trustworthy for u..
mayb i'm nt the 1 who can comfort u the best, bt i'm sure i wil be the best listener for u..
dun wori, b happy..=)

Casley said...

yaya, i still rmb.. im glad im able to help u.. =P

hehe i oso duno y.. juz when ppl call me when facing problem, no matter how late, i sure will be stay awake n acc..we are the same kind of ppl..^^

i feel touched for what u've said.. thx very much, theng.. thx!!

Damson said...

sis! I have problems! stay awake for me!!! hahahaha....theng....can you tahan? later you got panda eyes while working...not a very good impression for your customers...hahaha...btw, going to look for you soon to have lunch hahaha

theng said...

i sure can tahan lahh.. i can whole nite dun slp geh,ok? btw, i wont hv panda eyes lohh, coz my skin color too dark, cnt c my panda eyes..

Damson said...

hahaha....i can notice it by tracing your eye bags lol...